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Engaged! Carley & Graham

I had SO much fun with this engagement session! Carley contacted me a few months back about doing an engagement session and I was so stoked that she wanted to do a vintage theme as, as you may have noticed, vintage is my favourite style to shoot! I loved how much thought Carley put into her shoot and the creative things she brought to incorporate like her and Graham’s vintage-style bikes (how cool is the turquoise one!?) and her favourite camera that she got at a second hand store for $15! The two outfits she got for our shoot were super stellar as well. It’s amazing how much more pop a well thought out outfit can give a shoot!

Carley and Graham (or “Gray Man” as Carley calls him), are a very cool, very adorable couple. They’re happy personalities are infectious and they seem like they have their own little world going on when they’re together. The two of them are getting married next summer.

Here’s a little paragraph they wrote for me of how they met:

“The first time Carley saw Graham it was the first week of college. She thought he was cute, so she covertly took a picture of him. The second time she saw him, they were in-line at the OUC dorm cafeteria waiting for breakfast. He was talking about music with a friend, and looking for an excuse, she piped up saying “I like Dashboard Confessional too!” (Keep in mind this was 2002). Though nothing romantically bloomed, they became best friends and spent the next few months with each other nonstop. Carley thought they were just platonic, while Graham had a major crush (he thought nobody knew about ). It wasn’t until Graham left to visit home for Reading Week that Carley realized that she loved him too, and kissed him promptly upon his return. He says he wasn’t surprised that finally she came to her senses; unrequited love no more! Graham proposed on Tuesday October 13th, 2009 and they will be married September 24th, 2011 at The Laurel in downtown Kelowna. ”

Thanks for Rock ‘n Roll Bride for featuring this shoot!

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