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Julie and Dan’s Eclectic Wedding on the Wedding Chicks!

September 17th, 2014

I’m so thrilled to have my work featured on the Wedding Chicks blog today! Julie and Dan’s wedding was one of my favourite styled weddings I photographed this year and the Wedding Chicks really did it justice with their post. I love all the comments from Julie in the post as well.

Thank you Wedding Chicks!


Click the photo to view the post on the Wedding Chicks !



Lauren & Brett – Summerland, BC Wedding

September 7th, 2014

What a knock-out of a day! Every detail was so gorgeous and Lauren and Brett and their friends and family were such an awesome, fun group to capture. Lauren and Brett chose to have their wedding at Brett’s parents property in Summerland, BC. It is a stunning spot and Created Lovely really did it justice with her beautiful, complementing decor. There were so many unique touches like the amazing custom-made stage the family had built for the ceremony. Amazing!
I loved the colours and styling of the bride and bridesmaids so much. I was definitely a little blown away when I walked into the girls getting ready to see 8 equally stunning ladies in front of me. It was a big, fun wedding party that listened to my direction to boot, so I loved them all right off the bat. : D Thanks very much to Simone Wittenberg for second shooting/assisting me for this wedding!
There was so much love surrounding Brett and Lauren for their big day. Everyone put so much thought and heart into their speeches and I’m glad Limelight Studios was there to capture them as they were all worthy of being enjoyed again. I was so in love with the clear tents used for the reception. The light was perfect for photos and the beautiful evolving sky, showing through the roof of the tent, created such a fantastic effect for photos as the night progressed. Le sigh. I was a click-happy girl. So happy for these two that they had such a perfect wedding day! I don’t think it could have gone any better.

Check out Limelight Studio’s video post of the big day. They did such a fantastic job. Grab the Kleenex!


summerland_bc_wedding_0001 summerland_bc_wedding_0002 summerland_bc_wedding_0003 summerland_bc_wedding_0004 summerland_bc_wedding_0005 summerland_bc_wedding_0006 summerland_bc_wedding_0007 summerland_bc_wedding_0008 summerland_bc_wedding_0009 summerland_bc_wedding_0010 summerland_bc_wedding_0011 summerland_bc_wedding_0012 summerland_bc_wedding_0013 summerland_bc_wedding_0014 summerland_bc_wedding_0015 summerland_bc_wedding_0016 summerland_bc_wedding_0017 summerland_bc_wedding_0018 summerland_bc_wedding_0019 summerland_bc_wedding_0020 summerland_bc_wedding_0021 summerland_bc_wedding_0022 summerland_bc_wedding_0023 summerland_bc_wedding_0024 summerland_bc_wedding_0025 summerland_bc_wedding_0026 summerland_bc_wedding_0027 summerland_bc_wedding_0028 summerland_bc_wedding_0029 summerland_bc_wedding_0030 summerland_bc_wedding_0031As Brett’s parents are the owners of Dirty Laundry Vineyard, it holds a lot of memories for the family so we stopped take a few photos in the vineyard to add another great memory to the list. Dirty Laundry is one of my favourite vineyards to visit – amazing grape arbor patio and such cool, fun branding (look at the clothes-peg gate posts!).Dirty_laundry_vineyards_wedding_0032 Dirty_laundry_vineyards_wedding_0033 Dirty_laundry_vineyards_wedding_0034 Dirty_laundry_vineyards_wedding_0035 Dirty_laundry_vineyards_wedding_0036 Dirty_laundry_vineyards_wedding_0037Summerland_bc_wedding_0038Summerland_bc_wedding_0039 Summerland_bc_wedding_0040 Summerland_bc_wedding_0041 Summerland_bc_wedding_0042 Summerland_bc_wedding_0043 Summerland_bc_wedding_0044 Summerland_bc_wedding_0045 Summerland_bc_wedding_0046 Summerland_bc_wedding_0047 Summerland_bc_wedding_0048Lauren and Brett rented a gorgeous vintage car to serve as the place to put presents. So cool!Summerland_bc_wedding_0049 Summerland_bc_wedding_0050 Summerland_bc_wedding_0051 Summerland_bc_wedding_0052 Summerland_bc_wedding_0053 Summerland_bc_wedding_0054 Summerland_bc_wedding_0055 Summerland_bc_wedding_0056 Summerland_bc_wedding_0057 Summerland_bc_wedding_0058 Summerland_bc_wedding_0059 Summerland_bc_wedding_0060 Summerland_bc_wedding_0061 Summerland_bc_wedding_0062Thanks to my second shooter Simone for snapping the lovely cocktail hour shots below while I shot decor. : )Summerland_bc_wedding_0063 Summerland_bc_wedding_0064 Summerland_bc_wedding_0065 Summerland_bc_wedding_0066 Summerland_bc_wedding_0068 Summerland_bc_wedding_0069Summerland_bc_wedding_0067Summerland_bc_wedding_0070 Summerland_bc_wedding_0071 Summerland_bc_wedding_0072 Summerland_bc_wedding_0073 Summerland_bc_wedding_0074 Summerland_bc_wedding_0075 Summerland_bc_wedding_0076 Summerland_bc_wedding_0077 Summerland_bc_wedding_0078 Summerland_bc_wedding_0079 Summerland_bc_wedding_0080 Summerland_bc_wedding_0081 Summerland_bc_wedding_0082Summerland_bc_wedding_0083Custom Dirty Laundry wine wedding favours. : )Summerland_bc_wedding_0084 Summerland_bc_wedding_0085 Summerland_bc_wedding_0086 Summerland_bc_wedding_0087 Summerland_bc_wedding_0088 Summerland_bc_wedding_0089 Summerland_bc_wedding_0090 Summerland_bc_wedding_0091 Summerland_bc_wedding_0092 Summerland_bc_wedding_0093 Summerland_bc_wedding_0094 Summerland_bc_wedding_0095 Summerland_bc_wedding_0096 Summerland_bc_wedding_0097 Summerland_bc_wedding_0098 Summerland_bc_wedding_0099 Summerland_bc_wedding_0100 Summerland_bc_wedding_0101To get Lauren and Brett to kiss, people had to kiss the only single groomsman, much to his chagrin. haha. Brett’s Dad started it off in a hilarious twist.Summerland_bc_wedding_0102 Summerland_bc_wedding_0103 Summerland_bc_wedding_0104 Summerland_bc_wedding_0105 Summerland_bc_wedding_0106 Summerland_bc_wedding_0107 Summerland_bc_wedding_0108 Summerland_bc_wedding_0109 Summerland_bc_wedding_0110 Summerland_bc_wedding_0111 Summerland_bc_wedding_0112 Summerland_bc_wedding_0113 Summerland_bc_wedding_0114 Summerland_bc_wedding_0115 Summerland_bc_wedding_0116Lauren’s bridesmaids played a little inside joke on Lauren and Brett that lead them to having to slam back a Smirnoff Ice. haha.Summerland_bc_wedding_0117 Summerland_bc_wedding_0118 Summerland_bc_wedding_0119 Summerland_bc_wedding_0120 Summerland_bc_wedding_0121 Summerland_bc_wedding_0122 Summerland_bc_wedding_0123 Summerland_bc_wedding_0124 Summerland_bc_wedding_0125 Summerland_bc_wedding_0126 Summerland_bc_wedding_0127 Summerland_bc_wedding_0128 Summerland_bc_wedding_0129 Summerland_bc_wedding_0130 Summerland_bc_wedding_0131 Summerland_bc_wedding_0132 Summerland_bc_wedding_0133 Summerland_bc_wedding_0134 Summerland_bc_wedding_0135 Summerland_bc_wedding_0136 Summerland_bc_wedding_0137 Summerland_bc_wedding_0138Summerland_bc_wedding_0139Summerland_bc_wedding_0140


I loved capturing your gorgeous day so much! You two are awesome. Huge congrats!B&L_0909

Wedding Venue: Private Residence, Summerland, BC
Girls Getting Ready Photos (1st set): Summerland Waterfront Resort, Summerland, BC
Wedding Planning/Decor: Created Lovely, Kelowna, BC
Florals: Classic Creations, Kelowna, BC
Catering: Brodo (Paul Cecconi), Penticton, BC
Cake: Sweet On You, Kelowna, BC
“Mr & Mrs” Cake Topper: Dandelion Willows Invitations & Stationary, Kelowna, BC
Videography: Limelight Studios, Kelowna, BC (check out their fantastic video post of the wedding!!!)
Vintage Car Rental: Nixdorf Classic Cars, Summerland, BC
Tent Rental: Westminster Party Rentals, Penticton, BC
Ceremony stage and other wood projects (barrel bars, wine rack): Custom built by Monkey Puzzle Landscaping, Summerland BC
Dress designer:  Sophia Tolli, purchased at Ethos, Calgary, AB
Bridesmaids dresses: Jcrew
Groom & Groomsmen’s suits: Custom made Empire suits from Ed Williams, Calgary, AB
Hair: Tie the Knot Hair Design, Kelowna, BC
Make-up: Shimmer & Gloss, Kelowna, BC
Rings:  Breslauer & Warren, Calgary AB
Bride’s shoes: Nine West
Marriage Officiant: Mikel Laurie
DJ: DJ Pynnapels
Limo Rental: RJK limo



Christine & Matt – Bottega wedding, Kelowna, BC

August 22nd, 2014

Christine and Matt chose the stunning Bottega for their wedding in Kelowna. I LOVE the mix of modern and rustic at Bottega. It’s such a beautiful venue. Christine and Matt are such a fun pair and they and their wedding party had me and my lovely second shooter, Katie Nugent, cracking up all day. In the images below, you will definitely get an idea of some of the things that had us laughing. Fun times! We got to work with an awesome team of vendors as well, including the always hilarious and fun DJ Haymaker and the delicious food of Details Catering. Such a fantastic day! So happy for these two and their adorable daughter, Vivian.



Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0001 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0002 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0003Lovely shot below by my second shooter for the day, Katie.Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0004 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0005 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0006 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0007 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0008 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0009 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0010 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0011 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0012 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0013 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0014 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0015 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0016 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0017 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0018 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0019 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0020 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0021 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0022 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0023 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0024 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0025 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0026Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0027-2 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0028 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0029 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0030 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0031 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0032 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0033 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0034 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0035 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0036 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0037 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0038 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0039The photos below make me laugh every time I see them. Soooo funny.Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0040Stretch it out guys.Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0041 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0042 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0043 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0044 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0045 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0046 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0047 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0048 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0049 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0050 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0051 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0052 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0053 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0054 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0055 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0056 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0057 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0058 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0059 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0060 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0061 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0062 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0063 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0065 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0066 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0067 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0068 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0069 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0070 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0072 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0073 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0074 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0075 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0076 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0077 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0078 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0079 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0080 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0081 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0082 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0083 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0084 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0085 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0086 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0088Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0092 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0089 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0090 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0091 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0093 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0094Not only was it Matt and Christine’s wedding day, it was also Matt’s birthday!Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0095 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0096 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0097 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0098 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0099 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0100 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0101 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0102 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0103 Bottega_wedding-Kelowna_0105-2

Thank you both so much for choosing me to capture your big day. I had a blast!! M&C_0856


Venue: Bottega Farm Inn and Studio, Kelowna, BC
Wedding Planning/Decor: Jennifer Charles and Lynn Archibald
Florals: Sheri Persaud
Catering: Details Catering, Kelowna, BC
DJ: DJ Haymaker
Marriage Officiant: Wayne Laurie
Hair: Rebecca at Cream Hair on Cooper
Make-up: Michelle Dahl
Dress designer: Nicole Miller from Frocks, Calgary, AB
Bridesmaids dresses: Amsale from Frocks, Calgary, AB