Shabby Chic Wedding Mockup

Seriously people! I can’t get enough of Stage Right Etc‘s decor!! I absolutely love collaborating with them and this Shabby Chic mockup was no exception. Last mockup we did was the Vintage Wedding mockup which was phenomenal and a joy to shoot, now, if it’s even possible, Stage Right, Etc has topped themselves with this shabby chic wedding. The Vintage mockup was a bit spontaneous and came together within 3 days, whereas this Shabby Chic one was more like a few weeks, so Danielle and Ria at Stage Right Etc had even more time to let their imaginations roam! My friend and fellow photographer Simone Wittenberg joined forces with us this time as well to get in on the photo action! None of her photos are on here but she did her own post as well that you can check out here!

As I mentioned in the Vintage Wedding post, the goal of these mockups is to try and make people think out of the box and be a little more daring with their wedding decor. It helps to be able to show people what can happen with you let loose and have fun with it! We decided to also make sure the clothing was unique to show the potential of getting a unique kind of wedding dress and groom attire to stand out as well! Danielle worked her magic again and found this AMAZING vintage dress at a thrift store for $25!! $25 dollars people and it looks incredible!! Ria and Danielle also made a beautiful bouquet out of seasonal flowers including sweet-smelling lilacs, and wrapped the handle in ribbon with chandelier glass drops from the top of the base. Melissa Craven did makeup again to complete the look. She is so fantastic at matching the right makeup to the look. She doesn’t feel the need to over do the makeup just to make a statement- she knows that the makeup is there to compliment the model and the theme and not overpower it.

We found the perfect location after a day of searching (an almost being attacked by “wild” dogs multiple times as Simone would probably say, right Simone (like the mild mannered golden retriever)? hehe- I tease I tease- the girl has a fear of dogs, I shouldn’t joke!) It was really fun scouting around though and when we found the right spot, it was pretty awesome. I was just like, “Wow! Could this get any more perfect??” The owner was so nice as well to let us use his barn (luckily he didn’t have livestock this year to take it up) and we repaid him with some delicious cupcakes made by the talented Sarah of Sweet Art Cakes (not before we took a couple for ourselves too of course- who could resist really)!

The day of the shoot, Ria and Danielle got to work, setting up and working their magic. A lot of planning goes into the process on their part! They went over design ideas together, and set up the table at home a couple weeks before hand to work out any kinks. They put a lot of care into each project. And ooooooo- the details! Where to start!  On the walls of the barn, they hung window frames, antiqued empty picture frames, and draping material from the beams of the barn. The table top was a really neat old door (how awesome is that?) and they put elegant white candle sticks galore with moss as the table runner. The rest you can see in the photos!

The portraits photos from the day are just down past the decor shots too! : )

Thanks so much to Ruffled for doing a feature on this! Click here to view it.

Sweet Art Cakes yumminess.

So, after taking some decor shots and getting the bride and groom dressed and ready, we set off on our shoot. Simone and I took turns with the couple as well as collaborating on shots as well! It was definitely a different experience having two main shooters rather than a primary and second shooter but we managed to work out the kinks and still have a good time (besides Simone’s eye puffing up towards the end from allergies- ouch!)! Simone is so easy going and has a very graceful personality. One of the coolest voices too- I think she should be a radio talk show host on the side.

Let me say, we lucked out with  SUCH an amazing couple. Kristen and Anthony were a dream to shoot. You will see from the photos how great they were at being connected and showing their love for one another in front of the camera. You just can’t pose that- in the end, the couple is what really makes the shot special! Thanks so much for making our shoot extra great you two!!

I’m so thrilled with the result! Thanks again so much to everyone involved! Let’s get to the rest of the photos…..

Thanks for letting me use your neat purple chair for some shots Simone! Wish I had a van too so I could bring neat stuff like this along!

This post was featured on Ruffled!  So excited about that! Ruffled is a hugely popular bridal blog that posts all kinds of wedding ideas, DIYs and Real Weddings! I was so pleased when I received an email from them asking permission to post it. Thanks so much to Abby at Ruffled! : )

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  1. Anthony Kuchma says:

    Man, I never knew I could look so good; thanks alot!
    They are absolutley magnificent!

  2. Simone says:

    Jess, they’re all gorgeous! So fun to see what you captured with your eye! So hard to pic a fave hey?! Congrats on being featured on Ruffled. I’m sure there will be many more to come! 😉

  3. Lisa says:

    Dear Jessica,

    I have just discovered your work through Ruffled, WOW – this mockup is just breathtaking…so many beautiful details and such stunning photography.

    It will be lovely to follow your work.


  4. Erica Ward says:

    WOW! These are gorgeous – just gorgeous. Great posing, great light – really a perfect set of beautiful images. I have a particular soft spot for the shots of the bride on the ladder in the barn – so romantic and pretty! And my husband and I are totally in love with BC too (we’re from the UK but try to visit whenever we can!) so these shots are even more of a treat for us! Brilliant work!

  5. Jessica Zais says:

    Thanks so much Erica! Much appreciated. ; D That’s cool you come to BC sometimes! You should come should come to the beautiful Okanagan next time where I live and I’ll take you guys for coffee! : )

  6. Lydja says:

    This is the most beautiful wedding shoot I have ever seen. Every time I look at these it makes me want to cry. Wonderful work!

  7. Wow great site… I am a wedding planner in northern California but I am Canadian – born in Kamloops and graduated from Knox High School in Kelowna, My best friend of 30+ years is — Erica O’Reilly, who is the head nurse at Kelowna General rehab dept.. They also live on the Gallagher Mountain potato farm – Koetz is her maiden name.

    That said — I do many chic, rustic elegant, western, country weddings. I design and decorate too… awesome!!

  8. Serena says:

    Hello, I am Serena from Italy, I’m getting married in September and I hope my wedding will be fantastic as what you’ve photographed. You are incredible! I wonder if I will have the good fortune to find an artist like you!
    Many many compliments for your wonderful work ..

  9. Kristin says:

    absolutely gorgeous! Every bit of detail is dreamy and romantic. The lighting and poses are breath-taking. Great job!

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