Danielle & Dan – Salt Spring Island, BC wedding

I wanted to save my last wedding post of 2013 for one of my best friends, Danielle, whose wedding I got to photograph on Salt Spring Island this fall! She married her longtime friend (and first kiss) Dan, and I couldn’t have chosen someone better for her myself! : D

In the 4 years Danielle and I have been friends, we’ve traveled to 3 countries together, helped each other over life’s speed bumps and celebrated each other’s successes and high points. She is the most supportive and loyal friend. This girl has my back no matter what, even if it’s just to match one of my bursts of geekiness (like a spontaneous ninja kick or random sound effect) with one of her own. ; ) A few months after we met, she decorated my house for Christmas as a gift – how sweet is that!? We have had countless dance parties together in a variety of places and Danielle is still one of the raddest dancers I know. : D We’ve shared so many laughs and I love that Danielle appreciates my cheesy Dad-humour and bad puns. hehe. Kindred spirit! Danielle cracks me up to no end as well. Not only that, she has a huge heart which she often tries to hide but when she does express her feelings to you, the most beautiful words pour out and I’d like to see you try and not tear up. Beyond being an amazing friend, she is an incredible mom to her daughter Shana and now she will be a fantastic wife to Dan (as he will be a fantastic husband to her). Dan, you rock and I know you will take such great care of Danielle and Shana. You have the full “Best Friend Stamp of Approval” and I’m lucky to now call you a friend as well! I wish you two all the love and laughter in the world!!


Before sharing Danielle and Dan’s wedding photos, I want to post a few photos of their engagement. Dan asked me to secretly photograph his engagement to Danielle and I felt so lucky to able to witness and capture it. It meant a lot to be included- thanks Dan! : D His friend Toby and I set up a picnic on the mountain-top where they shared their first kiss when they were 17. We then hid behind bushes and I captured the whole thing! : D I was so nervous Danielle would spot me before the proposal happened but luckily my trusty zoom lens and I were able to stay hidden long enough.

Surprise-engagement-kelowna_0003 Surprise-engagement-kelowna_0004 Surprise-engagement-kelowna_0005Surprise-engagement-kelowna_0009 Surprise-engagement-kelowna_0006 Surprise-engagement-kelowna_0008 Surprise-engagement-kelowna_0007


Now on to the wedding!! I had never been to Salt Spring Island, and it is such an amazing place! The wedding was held on the farm where one of Dan’s sisters live and it was such a picturesque setting. For the months leading up, Danielle and Dan had fun scouring garage sales together finding decorations for their big day and Danielle also kept herself busy putting her amazing crafting skills to good use, making all sorts of amazing things for the wedding. Her florist/wedding decorator background definitely came in handy, that’s for sure! She went and picked out her flowers the day before her wedding as well and made a gorgeous bouquet. Danielle’s creative talents never cease to amaze me!

The forecast was threatening rain for the big day but luckily it rained at perfect intervals where it affected nothing and stopped for the rest of the night before we all sat down to dinner. It was an amazing, amazing day and I am just so very happy for these two!!

Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0001 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0002 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0003 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0004 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0005 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0006 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0007 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0008 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0009 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0010 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0011 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0012 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0013 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0014 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0015 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0016Danielle made all of those haybale covers! :OSalt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0017 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0018 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0019 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0020 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0021 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0022 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0023 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0024 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0025 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0027 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0028 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0029 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0030 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0031 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0032 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0033I am sooooo in love with the decor Danielle and Dan did for their wedding. Amazing flagging and sign below (and most of what you see below) made by Danielle. I know, right!?Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0034 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0035 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0036Love love loved this world map showing memories of their travels together and separately.Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0037 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0038 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0039 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0040 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0041 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0042 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0043 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0044 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0045 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0046 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0049Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0050 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0051 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0052 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0053 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0054 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0055From left to right: Me, Danielle and our other awesome BFF Nadia!Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0056 Salt-Spring-Island-wedding-photographer_0057

And this is where I turned my camera off so I could be completely present and celebrate this amazing day with everyone. We danced to amazing live music (thanks Shane Philip!), talked, ate, danced some more and finished the night off with a bonfire. Perfect day! : D

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! I know how much you care about her and the pictures reflect a perfectly emotional and beautiful day. What a wonderful way to close your year!

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