Jenn & Ash – God’s Mountain Estate, Penticton, BC

Jenn and Ash emit so much tranquility and joy. It was a wonderful experience capturing their day and love for one another. They chose the beautiful and unique God’s Mountain Estate in Penticton, BC and I was so excited to shoot there again. I always feel like I’m visiting a long lost relative in Europe when I go to this place. It’s so transporting and there are so many vintage treasures and unique rooms throughout the place. I would be surprised if this place didn’t have some secret passageways. : D We had lovely overcast skies most of the day which gave lovely light for photos and kept the intense summer heat at bay. I had the wonderful Katie Nugent second-shooting with me for the day as well! Such a lovely day. I’m so happy for these two!!


Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0002Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0001 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0003 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0004 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0005Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0007 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0006 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0009I love the cute moment my second shooter, Katie Nugent, captured, below right, of Jenn & her Dad before they started walking down the aisle. : )Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0010 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0011 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0012 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0013 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0014 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0015 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0016 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0017 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0018 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0020 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0021 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0022 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0023 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0024 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0025 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0026 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0027 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0028 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0029 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0030 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0031 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0032 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0033 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0034 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0035 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0036 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0037 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0038 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0039 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0040 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0041 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0042 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0043 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0044 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0045 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0046 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0047 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0048 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0049 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0051 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0052 Gods_Mountain_Wedding_Penticton_0053 J&A_0492



Wedding Venue: God’s Mountain Estate, Penticton, BC
Florals: Classic Creations
Catering: Joy Road Catering
DJ: Dwayne Molin
Day-of Coordinator: Stephanie Sielmann of Joy Road Catering
Bride’s Dress: Vera Wang
Hair and Makeup: Melissa Craven


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  1. Ashley Fulks says:

    Thanks so much for all the fantastic pictures Jessica. You truly put your heart and soul into your work and it shows.

    – Ash

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