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Lyndsay, Adam & Bella – Kelowna

When Lyndsay London contacted me saying she and her husband Adam were coming to Kelowna with their new pet, a golden retriever puppy, and wanted to do a photo session, I jumped on board! A shoot with a photographer I love AND a golden retriever puppy? Heck yes!

Lyndsay and Adam are such a fun couple and a total blast to shoot. Bella was the most adorable puppy ever and Lyndsay and Adam were very accommodating with my need to cuddle her every 5 minutes. ; ) Golden retriever puppies are one of my biggest soft spots on the planet.

Thanks for the great session guys and congrats on your insanely cute new addition to your family!


I wanted to take a few single shots of Lyndsay to give her the full treatment since she is usually the one behind the camera!Outtake. It cracked me up when, after taking a few photos of Lyndsay, I told Adam to “jump in,” and he jokingly leaped in, exclaiming, “Literally!?”