Kelowna Lifestyle Session

I was so thrilled when Mike asked me to do a lifestyle session for him and his family. Mike got the session as a present to his wife for her birthday and for the whole family really as 3 of their birthdays are in May! There is something about capturing a family at their home and in their neighbourhood being themselves that I find really exciting to photograph. I feel like I am truly capturing them and real moments in their lives as they happen. The simplest thing (like playing road hockey together) becomes a special thing to photograph because it’s also a real memory for the family and that really resonates with me. I would really love to do start doing more lifestyle photography!

I’ve known this family for a few years and I consider them good friends. They have a tight knit family who know what matters in life and are sincere and genuine in all that they do. They really warm my heart. : )

Jack pulling a pirate face on his pirate ship treehouse. Too cute.

How cute is Kate?!

Discovery! An old abandoned birds nest.

Pirate Kate challenging me to a sword fight.


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