Kelowna Engagement Photographer – Tracy & Eric

I’m a little late posting this as I’ve been busy busy with shooting and editing but I still wanted to share these photos from my engagement session with Tracy and Eric in early May. I’m photographing their wedding next week so actually quite timely! ; ) Tracy and Eric are fellow travel lovers and I clicked with them instantly. Can’t wait to photograph their big day!

Kelowna_engagement_photos_001 Kelowna_engagement_photos_002 Kelowna_engagement_photos_003 Kelowna_engagement_photos_004 Kelowna_engagement_photos_005 Kelowna_engagement_photos_006 Kelowna_engagement_photos_007 Kelowna_engagement_photos_008 Kelowna_engagement_photos_009 Kelowna_engagement_photos_010 Kelowna_engagement_photos_011 Kelowna_engagement_photos_012 Kelowna_engagement_photos_013 Kelowna_engagement_photos_014


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