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Summerhill Pyramid Winery Wedding, Kelowna, BC – Pamela & Neil

Summerhill Pyramid Winery in Kelowna, BC is one of my favourite wedding venues in the Okanagan and it’s always such a pleasure to shoot at this rustic, elegant venue. I love the way nature and vines are allowed to express themselves on this property. No overly groomed lawns or overly trimmed bushes. There is a realness and a slight wildness here that I crave to photograph.

I clicked with Pamela and Neil from the get go. They gave me tips for an upcoming Ireland trip and we gushed over our love of travel. I loved their positivity and easy-going vibe. Pamela was a bundle of enthusiastic joy as she got ready for her wedding. Her excitement over seeing her bouquet by Classic Creations and finished makeup and hair by Jenny Mckinney and Inspirado Designs had me grinning from ear to ear and fed my inspiration. When Neil saw Pamela for their first look, he gave one of the absolute sweetest reactions and they were like two kids waking up on Christmas morning.

Kaitlyn Ellis Events did such a wonderful job with planning and decor and everything came together perfectly. I’m so happy for Pamela and Neil and hope to meet them for a pint in Ireland someday. ; D
Pamela’s Grandma, Mom and Dad seeing her in her dress for the first time.  Pamela’s over-the-moon reaction to her amaaazing bouquet by Classic Creations. Oh my goodness. I was gaga over those white anemones!  1st look! I teared up from how happy and excited they were. This flower girl sampling her bouquet had me cracking up. Such a cutie. And as you can see from the photo on the right , the adults were eating flower petals too. ; D It’s like one of those “spot the difference” cartoons. hehe.

Venue: Summerhill Winery, Kelowna, BC
Planning: Kaitlyn Ellis Events, Kelowna, BC
Makeup: Jenny Mckinney, Kelowna, BC
Hair: Inspirado Designs, Kelowna, BC
Florals: Classic Creations, Kelowna, BC
Cake: Sweet On You Cakes, Kelowna, BC

Caldwell Heritage Farms Potting Shed – Vintage Origami

While I was at Caldwell Heritage Farm to photograph Aman Dosanj’s pop-up dinner, I was also asked to photograph the amazing transformation of their potting shed into a bridal suite  by Vintage Origami. I just had to share this unbelievably charming space with you all. Insert dreamy sigh. After I was finished photographing it, I sat in the space for a little while, in front of the typewriter, imagining it was my office. I may have to try and recreate this in my backyard someday. hehe.

I wish I had a before photo to share – the transformation was amazing! It had been a storage shed before and Vintage Origami lovingly took the vision of Kristi (the owner) and redesigned it into the most wonderful bridal suite for Caldwell Heritage Farm’s wedding clients. I love the sentimentality of it as well. Yuriko used many heirlooms from Kristi’s family for the space, including watering cans collected by Kristi’s mother, decorative birds from the family birdbath in the yard, baking tins from the barn and baskets from Kristi’s childhood bedroom. Each piece carries a special memory that feels lovingly cradled by this room.

Caldwell Heritage Farm’s future brides are soooo lucky to be able to enjoy this special space on their wedding day.

Sanctuary Gardens & Quails’ Gate Winery wedding – Tracy & Eric

What a wedding! My heart was so full after photographing this beautiful intimate wedding. There is something about small weddings that makes my heart sing. I couldn’t help tearing up during the father-daughter dance because I was so touched by the love of this family after spending the day with them. Tracy and Eric invited their immediate families to share their beautiful wedding at Sanctuary Gardens and Quails’ Gate Winery in West Kelowna. Tracy was enchanted by Sanctuary Gardens‘ beauty and was so excited to have her ceremony there. It really is such a special place. With Okanagan lake vistas spread out in front of you and the most charming chapel-inspired gazebo nestled amongst the grassy hills of the property, it’s no wonder Sanctuary Gardens has quickly become one of the most popular ceremony locations in the Okanagan. I lucked out because I got to shoot at not only one but TWO of my favourite venues for this wedding because their reception was held a short drive down the road at the absolutely stunning Quails’ Gate WinerySanctuary Gardens‘ and Quails’ Gate Winery are my favourite combo for intimate weddings (Quail’s Gate only does small weddings). Tracy and Eric are so in love and it’s lovely to see the affection and goofy antics they share (and even more fun to photograph it!). : D They really know how to have fun. The day couldn’t have gone better and I’m so happy for these two!



Barona_beach-resort-kelowna-wedding_001Jenny McKinney working her makeup magic.Barona_beach-resort-kelowna-wedding_002 Barona_beach-resort-kelowna-wedding_003 Barona_beach-resort-kelowna-wedding_004I loved that Tracy’s happiness and glee was so evident on her face all day. : DBarona_beach-resort-kelowna-wedding_005 Barona_beach-resort-kelowna-wedding_006 Barona_beach-resort-kelowna-wedding_007 Barona_beach-resort-kelowna-wedding_008 Barona_beach-resort-kelowna-wedding_009 Barona_beach-resort-kelowna-wedding_010 Barona_beach-resort-kelowna-wedding_011Oh la laaa – Sanctuary GardensSanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_012 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_013 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_014 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_015 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_016 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_017 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_018 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_019 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_020 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_021 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_022 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_023 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_024 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_025 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_026 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_027 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_035 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_036 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_037 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_038 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_039 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_040 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_041 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_042 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_043 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_044 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_045 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_046 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_047 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_048 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_049 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_050 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_051 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_052 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_055Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_054Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_053 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_056 Sanctuary_Gardens_wedding_kelowna_057 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_058 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_059 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_060 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_061 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_062 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_063 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_064 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_065 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_066 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_067 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_068 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_069 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_070 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_071 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_072 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_073 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_074 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_075 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_076 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_077 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_078 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_079 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_080 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_081 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_082 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_083 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_084 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_085 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_086 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_087 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_088 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_089 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_090 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_091 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_092 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_093 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_094 Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_095When Tracy was 10 years old she decided she wanted to dance to “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong. She held on to that thought and it was such a sweet moment.Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_096Tracy and her Dad had us all tearing up from their touching father-daughter dance.Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_097

It was such an honour capturing your amazing day. Thank you again for everything! : )Quails_Gate_winery_wedding_kelowna_098

Ceremony Venue: Sanctuary Gardens, West Kelowna, BC
Reception Venue: Quails’ Gate Winery, West Kelowna, BC
Cake: Kakes by Kathie
Florals: Blue Sage Farm
Makeup: Jenny McKinney
Vintage Car Rental: Tours 59