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Caldwell Heritage Farms Potting Shed – Vintage Origami

While I was at Caldwell Heritage Farm to photograph Aman Dosanj’s pop-up dinner, I was also asked to photograph the amazing transformation of their potting shed into a bridal suite  by Vintage Origami. I just had to share this unbelievably charming space with you all. Insert dreamy sigh. After I was finished photographing it, I sat in the space for a little while, in front of the typewriter, imagining it was my office. I may have to try and recreate this in my backyard someday. hehe.

I wish I had a before photo to share – the transformation was amazing! It had been a storage shed before and Vintage Origami lovingly took the vision of Kristi (the owner) and redesigned it into the most wonderful bridal suite for Caldwell Heritage Farm’s wedding clients. I love the sentimentality of it as well. Yuriko used many heirlooms from Kristi’s family for the space, including watering cans collected by Kristi’s mother, decorative birds from the family birdbath in the yard, baking tins from the barn and baskets from Kristi’s childhood bedroom. Each piece carries a special memory that feels lovingly cradled by this room.

Caldwell Heritage Farm’s future brides are soooo lucky to be able to enjoy this special space on their wedding day.

New Summer 2017 posts on Instagram! : )

Hi Everyone!

With my Summer being packed with awesome weddings and shoots, I’ve been putting my full attention on getting everyone their images as fast possible. Because of that, I haven’t had much time to blog but I have been posting regularly on Instagram. I’d love it if you friended me there to interact and view some of the fun stuff I’ve been working on this Summer.

I’m so appreciative of your interest and thank you to the moon and back for helping me do what I love most – capturing your beautiful lives and relationships! You guys rock!!

Feel free to check out past posts on here and check out my website to view more of my work. : )

I hope you’re all having a fantastic summer! See you on Instagram! : )


Okanagan Wedding Photographer – T & S

When I did these two’s engagement session I was touched by their deep bond with each other. You can plainly see that they love each other to their cores. They are such a free-spirited couple and I love how much their wedding reflected that. They had their ceremony on a mountaintop with their closest friends and family and then chose the eclectic and stunning God’s Mountain Estate in Penticton, BC for their reception with extended friends and family. It was such a beautiful combo and I loved capturing every minute of it. So happy for these two!

Okanagan_wedding_photographer_006 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_007Okanagan_wedding_photographer_009 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_008 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_010 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_011 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_012 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_013 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_014 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_015 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_016 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_017 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_018 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_019 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_020 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_021 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_023 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_024 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_025 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_026 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_027 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_028 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_029 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_030 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_031 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_032Onward to God’s Mountain Estate, Penticton, BC for the reception. I could wander around this place, looking at all the antiques and artwork all day.Okanagan_wedding_photographer_033 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_034 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_035 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_036 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_037 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_038 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_039 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_040 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_041Okanagan_wedding_photographer_043 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_044 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_046 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_047 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_048 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_049 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_050 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_051 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_052 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_053 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_054 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_055 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_056 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_057 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_058 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_059 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_060 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_061 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_062 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_063 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_064 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_065 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_066 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_067 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_068 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_069 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_070 Okanagan_wedding_photographer_071

Reception Venue: God’s Mountain Estate, Penticton, BC
Catering: Joy Road Catering