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Kelowna Portrait Session – Niluka

I met Niluka last November at a yoga and surf camp in Costa Rica and we instantly clicked! She has a vibrant personality and is so chill to be around. I loved meeting another independent female traveler around my age and I definitely want to do a trip with her in the future! She got a chance to come visit me last week before heading to Hawaii for a little getaway and it was such a nice little interlude in my busy wedding season. She took the opportunity to do a mini photo shoot with me to celebrate this great time in her life and she was a stunning subject to say the least. Melissa Craven did a beautiful job on her hair and makeup. Fun times!


Kelowna-portrait-photographer_0001 Kelowna-portrait-photographer_0002 Kelowna-portrait-photographer_0003 Kelowna-portrait-photographer_0004 Kelowna-portrait-photographer_0005 Kelowna-portrait-photographer_0006 Kelowna-portrait-photographer_0007 Kelowna-portrait-photographer_0008 Kelowna-portrait-photographer_0009

Best Friends Shoot – Maiya, Amanda & Basso

Maiya and Amanda cooked up such a cute surprise for their best friend Basso’s birthday. They took her to a spot agreed on beforehand and when I arrived they sprung a surprise photo shoot on her! How great is that!? What a cool birthday gift. I think I giggled non-stop the whole session and just wanted to jump into the frame and goof around with them they were so fun.

Put your paws up! A little Lady Gaga love.Birthday girl smooch!

Enderby Grad/Prom Session~ Candace

I had quite the adventure getting to Candace’s grad/prom shoot! GPS sent me an hour in the wrong direction! Two roads with the same name and both roads with a green gate at the end of the road that I was supposed to go through! So strange. Next time I am going to type in the postal code too, to be safe! haha. Melissa Craven was with me as well (she came to lend her awesome makeup skills to the shoot) and she was laughing her butt off at me while I stressed out about being late and possibly not having enough light by the time we got to where we were going. haha. Luckily we arrived with just enough light to spare and do our shoot with Candace! Her boyfriend Trevor jumped in for a few shots as well. Let me just say that he is one lucky guy! Candace is not only super pretty, but also incredibly sweet and fun. Hard to find that combo! She lit up the shoot and I had so much fun capturing her infectious energy.

We did the shoot all on and around her property and finished just as it was getting dark (thanks high ISO and low aperture!).

I’ve really enjoyed photographing these grad shoots I’ve done in the last month so much! I’ll definitely be doing more Grad/Prom photography in the future! Thanks again for the awesome shoot Candace and Trevor!



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