Month: June 2016

Hotel Eldorado Wedding, Kelowna – Janel & Donovan

I love when the weather forecast calls for rain and then it ends up being gorgeous! We’re lucky that happens a lot in Kelowna! Janel and Donovan chose such an awesome pairing of Benvoulin Heritage Church for their ceremony and Hotel Eldorado for their reception. The two venues went so well together with their classic, vintage design. They wanted to put a focus on time with friends and family so we did a first look and portraits before the ceremony. Janel and Donovan are so laid-back and easy to work with. I was amazed by how in sync they are! After the ceremony, everyone headed outside Benvoulin Heritage Church for a lawn reception before continuing to dinner and the rest of reception at Hotel Eldorado where they had an awesome decor theme based around books! From a reading nook with their top picks, a typewriter where people could type messages for Janel and Donovan and the framed first-pages of their favourite books as table numbers, I was smitten. They even had library cards to find your seats!

English Rose Weddings did a spectacular job as always with keeping the day flowing smoothly and DJ Spinalshift kept the party going with his great song choices. Beautiful hair and makeup by Melissa Craven as well!

Congratulations to Janel and Donovan!

Starting the day at Hotel Eldorado – my favourite place to take getting ready photos. Vintage, classic design, big rooms and lots of natural light!Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_001 Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_002 Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_003 Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_004 Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_005Janel’s mom kept tearing up with happiness. : )Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_006 Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_007 Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_008First look time!Kelowna_wedding_photos_010 Kelowna_wedding_photos_011 Kelowna_wedding_photos_014 Kelowna_wedding_photos_015 Kelowna_wedding_photos_016 Kelowna_wedding_photos_017 Kelowna_wedding_photos_018 Kelowna_wedding_photos_019 Kelowna_wedding_photos_021Benvoulin Heritage Church – prettiest church in Kelowna! Beautiful architecture and extra points for fantastic photo light!Benvoulin_Church_wedding_kelowna_022 Benvoulin_Church_wedding_kelowna_023 Benvoulin_Church_wedding_kelowna_024 Benvoulin_Church_wedding_kelowna_025 Benvoulin_Church_wedding_kelowna_026 Benvoulin_Church_wedding_kelowna_027 Benvoulin_Church_wedding_kelowna_028 Benvoulin_Church_wedding_kelowna_029 Benvoulin_Church_wedding_kelowna_030 Benvoulin_Church_wedding_kelowna_031 Benvoulin_Church_wedding_kelowna_032 Benvoulin_Church_wedding_kelowna_033 Benvoulin_Church_wedding_kelowna_034 Benvoulin_Church_wedding_kelowna_035Matching socks for the groom, his dad, his grandpa, and father of the bride. : DBenvoulin_Church_wedding_kelowna_036Impromptu adorable photo bomb.Benvoulin_Church_wedding_kelowna_037 Benvoulin_Church_wedding_kelowna_038 Benvoulin_Church_wedding_kelowna_041 Benvoulin_Church_wedding_kelowna_042This little dude was digging the ice cream sandwiches being served.Benvoulin_Church_wedding_kelowna_043 Benvoulin_Church_wedding_kelowna_044 Benvoulin_Church_wedding_kelowna_045I will never tire of photographing weddings at Hotel Eldorado in Kelowna! Fantastic venue and staff!Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_046Book decor theme!! I’m a total bookworm so I was so into all of their details!Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_048 Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_047Library cards to find your seats!! Love!Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_050 Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_051Another awesome idea! The guests had fun using the typewriter to write Janel and Donovan notes.Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_052 Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_053 Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_054 Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_055Great capture below by my second shooter for the day, Katie Nugent.Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_056 Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_057 Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_058 Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_059 Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_060 Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_061 Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_062Slideshow (with a photo from their engagement session with me. : )Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_063 Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_064 Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_065 Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_066 Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_067 Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_068 Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_069 Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_070 Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_071 Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_072 Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_073 Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_074 Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_075 Hotel_Eldorado_wedding_076


Ceremony Venue: Benvoulin Heritage Church, Kelowna, BC

Reception Venue: Hotel Eldorado, Kelowna, BC

Wedding Planning: English Rose Weddings, Kelowna, BC

Rentals: Linens from All Occasions, Kelowna, BC

Florals: Creations by Mom & Me, Kelowna, BC

Catering: Hotel Eldorado, Kelowna, BC

DJ: DJ Spinalshift

Marriage Officiant: Judy Dow

Wedding Dress: Allure Bridals from Lisa’s Bridal Salon, New Westminster, BC

Make-up and Hair: Melissa Craven