Month: April 2016

Knox Mountain Engagement Photos Kelowna, BC

Taryn and Jason caught the most amazing timing for their engagement session with the gorgeous blooming balsamroot flowers in Kelowna. It’s a beautiful explosion of yellow that I look forward to every year.
Taryn and Jason were so natural together and wonderful to work with – I can’t wait to photograph their big day in July at Cedar Creek Winery and the Harvest Golf Club!

Kelowna_engagement-photos_001 Kelowna_engagement-photos_002 Kelowna_engagement-photos_003 Kelowna_engagement-photos_004 Kelowna_engagement-photos_005 Kelowna_engagement-photos_006 Kelowna_engagement-photos_007 Kelowna_engagement-photos_008 Kelowna_engagement-photos_010Kelowna_engagement-photos_009 Kelowna_engagement-photos_011 Kelowna_engagement-photos_012 Kelowna_engagement-photos_013


Kelowna Family Photographer

Lindsay is my favourite spin instructor at Oranj in Kelowna and I’ve always melted over her adorable kids who are named after an Italian town (Lucca) and colloquialism (Allora!). Lindsay and I bond over our love of Italy, Costa Rica and all places warm and make each other hyper over our excitement for stuff. She’s one of those people that beams positivity and sunshine literally radiates from her. I never fail to leave one of her spin classes feeling pumped – it’s so contagious! So I was pretty darn excited to photograph this sweet family! I had such a great time!!
Kelowna_family_photographer_001 Kelowna_family_photographer_002 Kelowna_family_photographer_003 Kelowna_family_photographer_004 Kelowna_family_photographer_005Teehee, the photo below makes me giggle so much. So hilarious.Kelowna_family_photographer_006 Kelowna_family_photographer_007 Kelowna_family_photographer_008 Kelowna_family_photographer_009 Kelowna_family_photographer_010 Kelowna_family_photographer_011 Kelowna_family_photographer_012 Kelowna_family_photographer_013 Kelowna_family_photographer_014 Kelowna_family_photographer_015 Kelowna_family_photographer_016 Kelowna_family_photographer_017 Kelowna_family_photographer_018 Kelowna_family_photographer_019