Month: September 2015

Silver Sage Stables Wedding, Vernon, BC – Ross & Meagan

What a love-filled, fantastic day! I clicked with Meagan and Ross as soon as I met them. Their warm hearts really shine through and they’re so easy and fun to be around. They chose Silver Sage Stables in Coldstream, BC for their wedding. I had been itching to do a wedding at Silver Sage Stables, as it’s an awesome new venue in the Okanagan, so I was pretty excited! The ceremony is held in an expansive wheat field and the reception in a barn. Definitely my kind of wedding! To top it all off, we started in Sicamous, where the couple lives, and got to do photos on a beautiful farm complete with a classic red barn. Meagan brought her horse, wearing a romantic flower crown, along for photos and they had a classic pink Cadillac as well. I was in photo heaven to say the least. ; )

The ceremony was beautiful, held in a light embrace by wheat all around them. Their speeches were so incredibly touching with laughs in all the right spots. It really was a perfect day. I couldn’t be happier for Ross and Meagan.

I hope you enjoy a peek at their lovely day. It was sure difficult narrowing down photos for their blog post. I wanted to post all of them. haha. Thank you to the fantastic Katie Nugent for second-shooting for me!

The First Look. Always a touching moment. These two definitely made me tear up.Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0001 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0002 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0003 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0004 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0005 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0006 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0007 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0008 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0009 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0010 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0011 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0012 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0013 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0014 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0015 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0016 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0017 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0018 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0019 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0020 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0021 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0022 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0023 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0024 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0025 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0026 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0027 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0028 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0029 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0030 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0031 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0032 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0034 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0035 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0036 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0037 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0038 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0039 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0040 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0041 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0042 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0043 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0044 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0045Shot below by my second shooter, Katie Nugent. : )Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0046Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0049 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0048 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0051 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0052 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0053 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0054 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0055 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0056 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0057 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0058 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0059 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0060 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0061 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0062 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0063 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0064 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0065 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0066 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0067 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0068 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0069 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0070 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0071 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0072 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0073 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0074 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0075 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0076 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0077 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0078 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0079 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0080 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0081 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0084 Silver_Sage_Stables_wedding_0089R&M_0819R&M_08321

Congratulations you two!! Thank you for being so amazing and fun! Much love!R&M_0864

Ceremony Venue: Silver Sage Stables, Coldstream, BC
Reception Venue: Silver Sage Stables, Coldstream, BC
Design/Decor: Shuswap Weddings
Calligraphy: Be Marry Events, Vernon, BC
LOVE Marquee Sign Rental: Vintage Origami (only available at Silver Sage Stables)
Catering: Blue Canoe Bakery, Salmon Arm, BC
Floral Arrangements: Valley Floral, Kelowna, BC
Cupcakes: Shuswap Weddings
Pastor: Loren Pullman, Winnipeg, MN
Hair: Camille Barnstable, Kelowna, BC
Makeup: Amanda Payne, M.A.C. Edmonton, AB
Dress: Bliss Bridal, Kelowna, BC
Bridesmaid dresses: Nuvon’s Bridal, Vancouver, BC

Kelowna Portrait Session – Niluka

I met Niluka last November at a yoga and surf camp in Costa Rica and we instantly clicked! She has a vibrant personality and is so chill to be around. I loved meeting another independent female traveler around my age and I definitely want to do a trip with her in the future! She got a chance to come visit me last week before heading to Hawaii for a little getaway and it was such a nice little interlude in my busy wedding season. She took the opportunity to do a mini photo shoot with me to celebrate this great time in her life and she was a stunning subject to say the least. Melissa Craven did a beautiful job on her hair and makeup. Fun times!


Kelowna-portrait-photographer_0001 Kelowna-portrait-photographer_0002 Kelowna-portrait-photographer_0003 Kelowna-portrait-photographer_0004 Kelowna-portrait-photographer_0005 Kelowna-portrait-photographer_0006 Kelowna-portrait-photographer_0007 Kelowna-portrait-photographer_0008 Kelowna-portrait-photographer_0009

Sparkling Hill Resort, Vernon, BC Wedding – Tasso & Matt

I had a ridiculously fun time with Tasso and Matt, photographing their big day. They chose the stunning Sparkling Hill Resort in Vernon, BC for their wedding. I love the mix of modern and rustic in their intimate Gernot room. It was the perfect space and Classic Creations artistically decked out the room in her beautiful floral arrangements. I also love the cool cake that Sweet On You Cakes made!

Tasso and Matt are such a fun, laid back pair. Tasso had me laughing so much with his awesome dry sense of humour. I love that they were so inclusive with their dogs. Their puppy bow-ties were so cute. It was such a wonderful, light-hearted day. I’m so happy for these two.

After the wedding, Tasso wrote me such a sweet message that really warmed my heart: “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! We loved working with you. I’ve never felt so comfortable with a photographer. It felt more like we were with a close friend! We lucked out having you!!” Awwww, ditto guys. : ) xo

Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0002Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0001 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0003 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0004 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0005 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0006 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0007 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0008 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0009 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0010 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0011 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0012 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0013 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0014 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0015 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0016 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0017 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0018 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0019 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0020 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0021 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0022 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0023 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0024 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0025 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0026 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0027 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0028 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0029 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0030 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0031 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0032 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0033 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0034 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0035 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0036 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0038 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0039 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0041 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0043 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0045 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0046 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0048Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0044 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0049Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0047 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0050 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0051 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0052 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0053 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0054Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0042 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0055 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0056 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0057 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0058 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0059 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0060 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0061 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0062 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0063 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0064 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0065 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0066 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0067 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0068 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0069 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0070 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0071 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0072 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0073 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0074 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0075 Sparkling_Hill_wedding_0076

Ceremony Venue: Sparkling Hill Resort, Vernon, BC
Reception Venue: Sparkling Hill Resort, Vernon, BC
Florals: Classic Creations
Catering: Sparkling Hill Resort
Cake: Sweet On You Cakes
Marriage Officiant: Barbara Cragg
DJ: George Venetis