Month: August 2015

Harvest Golf Club, Kelowna Wedding – Charlotte & Kevin

Charlotte and Kevin chose the lovely Harvest Golf Club in Kelowna for their wedding. They had amazing weather (narrowly missed a thunderstorm) and everything turned out beautifully. Kevin and Charlotte are such a sweet pair and Charlotte has the most infectious joy about her that is wonderful to be around. DJ Haymaker was the perfect fit for this fun couple and had everyone up out of their seats having a blast. So much love and laughter surrounding their day!  : )

Thanks so much to the wonderful Tiffany Walde for second shooting for me for this wedding!

Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0001 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0002 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0003 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0004 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0006 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0007 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0008 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0009 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0010 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0012This little boy was SO excited to see his mom walk down the aisle as a bridesmaid. So adorable.Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0013 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0014 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0015 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0019 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0020 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0021 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0022 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0023 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0026 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0028 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0030 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0033 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0034Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0031
Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0037 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0038 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0039 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0040 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0041 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0042 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0043 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0044 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0045 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0046 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0047 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0048 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0049 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0050 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0051Everyone had way too much fun playing DJ Haymaker‘s “Survivor” game.Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0052 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0053 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0054 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0055 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0056 Harvest-wedding-kelowna_0057

Wedding Venue: Harvest Golf Club, Kelowna, BC
Florals: Artistic Designs by Colleen
Catering: Harvest Golf Club
Cake: Whisk Cake Company
DJ: DJ Haymaker
Marriage Officiant: Darlene Samin
Make-up: Melanie Feeny at Shimmer and Gloss
Hair: Sabrina Nunes