Month: June 2014

Sarah & Brett – Quail’s Gate Winery Wedding

First off, Sarah and Brett are awesome. Both are super laid back, fun and creative. Sarah has her own super cool jewelry company and Brett is a talented building designer. They are a great example of doing exactly what YOU want for your wedding day. You’ll know what I mean especially when you see the skateboard photos. ; D Brett and Sarah had a beautiful backyard wedding with their close family, followed by an intimate reception at the stunning Quail’s Gate Winery in West Kelowna. There was such a relaxed vibe the whole day and I had so much fun capturing their wedding. I wanted to photograph them on their skateboards all afternoon and had to restrain myself from making them late for their reception by doing just that. haha.


Kelowna_wedding_0001 Kelowna_wedding_0005Image below captured by my fantastic second shooter for the day, Simone Wittenberg.Kelowna_wedding_00061 Kelowna_wedding_0009 Kelowna_wedding_0010 Kelowna_wedding_0011 Gallatly_Nut_Farm_wedding_Kelowna_0012 Gallatly_Nut_Farm_wedding_Kelowna_0013 Gallatly_Nut_Farm_wedding_Kelowna_0014 Gallatly_Nut_Farm_wedding_Kelowna_0015 Gallatly_Nut_Farm_wedding_Kelowna_0016 Gallatly_Nut_Farm_wedding_Kelowna_0017 Gallatly_Nut_Farm_wedding_Kelowna_0018 Another great shot below, right that my second shooter for the day, Simone captured. : )Gallatly_Nut_Farm_wedding_Kelowna_0019 Gallatly_Nut_Farm_wedding_Kelowna_0021 Skateboard_wedding_photos_0022 Skateboard_wedding_photos_0023 Skateboard_wedding_photos_0024 Skateboard_wedding_photos_0025 Skateboard_wedding_photos_0026 Skateboard_wedding_photos_0027 Skateboard_wedding_photos_0028 Skateboard_wedding_photos_0029 Skateboard_wedding_photos_0030 Skateboard_wedding_photos_0031 Skateboard_wedding_photos_0032 Skateboard_wedding_photos_0033 Skateboard_wedding_photos_0034 Skateboard_wedding_photos_0035 Kelowna_wedding_photos_0038 Kelowna_wedding_photos_0039Whimsical_wedding_photo Kelowna_wedding_photos_0041 Quails_gate-winery-wedding-Kelowna_0042 Quails_gate-winery-wedding-Kelowna_0043 Quails_gate-winery-wedding-Kelowna_0045 Quails_gate-winery-wedding-Kelowna_0046 Quails_gate-winery-wedding-Kelowna_0047 Quails_gate-winery-wedding-Kelowna_0048 Quails_gate-winery-wedding-Kelowna_0049 Quails_gate-winery-wedding-Kelowna_0050 Quails_gate-winery-wedding-Kelowna_0051 Quails_gate-winery-wedding-Kelowna_0052 Quails_gate-winery-wedding-Kelowna_0053 Quails_gate-winery-wedding-Kelowna_0054


Thanks again for the awesome day you guys!!B&S_0352


Ceremony Location: Private Residence, Kelowna, BC
Reception: Quail’s Gate Winery, Kelowna, BC
Dress: Bliss Bridal, Kelowna, BC
Hair & Makeup: Cream Salon (Cooper location). Sytlist – Krista

Jess & Braden – Kelowna Engagement

I pulled up to Jess’s parents’ heritage house before their shoot to view where their wedding would be and was greeted by Jess’s mom who I instantly loved (she is an amazing mix of cool and classy with a British accent) and so I knew Jess would be awesome too with a mom like that. And of course she was and has terrific taste to boot because Braden is fantastic too! Jess and Braden are such a fun, laid back pair and I was so excited that Jess was up for taking photos in this bleacher location. I have been itching to take photos here for years but hadn’t found the right pair to match it up to. It turns out Jess used to be super involved with Track & Field so it even had a little sentimental value thrown in. Last but not least, Braden and Jess have an adorrrrable golden doodle named Charlie who joined us for the second half of the photos and was such a fun addition. Can’t wait to photograph these two’s awesome backyard wedding this summer! Can’t wait to see Vintage Origami work her magic on it. : )


Kelowna__apple_bowl_engagement_0001Kelowna__apple_bowl_engagement_0002Kelowna__apple_bowl_engagement_0004Kelowna__apple_bowl_engagement_0003 Kelowna__apple_bowl_engagement_0005 Kelowna__apple_bowl_engagement_0006 Kelowna__apple_bowl_engagement_0007 Kelowna__apple_bowl_engagement_0008 Kelowna__apple_bowl_engagement_0009 Kelowna__apple_bowl_engagement_0010 Kelowna__apple_bowl_engagement_0011 Kelowna__apple_bowl_engagement_0012 Kelowna__apple_bowl_engagement_0013 Kelowna__apple_bowl_engagement_0014 Kelowna__apple_bowl_engagement_0015 Kelowna__apple_bowl_engagement_0016 Kelowna__apple_bowl_engagement_0017 Kelowna__apple_bowl_engagement_0018 Kelowna__apple_bowl_engagement_0019