Month: May 2014

Kim & Jon – Kelowna Engagement

Kim and Jon are complete sweethearts and I had such a great time capturing their love for one another. Like these two, most of my clients live outside of Kelowna so the first time we meet face to face is at their engagement session. It’s always fun meeting people that already feel like friends and going through that process of quickly finding common ground and a comfort level between us so that they can feel comfortable in front of the camera. Kim and Jon jumped in and trusted me from the start and I love them for it. My clients rock! I can’t wait to photograph Jon and Kim’s wedding this summer!

Kelowna_engagement_photos_0001 Kelowna_engagement_photos_0002Kelowna_engagement_photos_0012 Kelowna_engagement_photos_0004 Kelowna_engagement_photos_0005 Kelowna_engagement_photos_0006 Kelowna_engagement_photos_0007 Kelowna_engagement_photos_0008 Kelowna_engagement_photos_0009 Kelowna_engagement_photos_0010 Kelowna_engagement_photos_0011Kelowna_engagement_photos_0003

Janine & Dave – Enderby & Salmon Arm Wedding

Janine and Dave were such a pleasure to capture – they are so in harmony with each other and they share such a deep love. Janine emotes every emotion with such beauty and sincerity and Dave is so sweet with Janine that I was in photo heaven the whole day. They had their ceremony at a picturesque orchard in Salmon Arm overlooking a stunning vista and followed with their reception at that charming Enderby Drill Hall. We lucked out with light all day long. It stopped raining right as I was arriving to start coverage and then we had sun for the ceremony and clouds for perfect spots during portraits. Ten minutes after arriving at reception, it started raining cats and dogs like crazy outside. Everyone put so much love into the day. Janine’s sister made a gorgeous (and holy crap delicious) gluten-free wedding cake and the father-daughter dance was one that definitely had me choked up. I feel privileged to have photographed Janine and Dave’s big day – thanks again for everything you two!

You can click here to check out Janine and Dave’s engagement photos.

Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0001 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0002 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0003 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0004 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0005 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0006 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0007 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0008 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0009 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0010 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0011 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0012 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0013 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0015 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0016 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0017 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0018 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0019 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0020 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0021 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0022 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0023 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0024 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0026 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0027 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0028 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0029 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0030 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0031 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0032 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0033 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0034 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0035 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0036 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0037 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0038 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0039 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0041Bottom Left: A nod to the national animals of their respective countries; beaver for Canadian Dave and the Kiwi bird for Janine who hails from New Zealand. : )Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0042 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0043 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0044 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0045 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0046 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0047 Enderby_Salmon_Arm_wedding_0048

Maria & Ognjen – Kelowna Engagement

The weather forecast had been giving us trouble all day leading up to Maria and Ognjen’s shoot but we decided to go for it. We had to jump in the car for about 20 minutes during a rain shower but were later rewarded with some gorgeous light and sunset action as the sun set. I had so much fun with this upbeat pair and I’m looking forward to capturing their big day this summer!

Kelowna-engagement-MO_0002 Kelowna-engagement-MO_0003 Kelowna-engagement-MO_0004 Kelowna-engagement-MO_0005 Kelowna-engagement-MO_0006 Kelowna-engagement-MO_0007 Kelowna-engagement-MO_0008Kelowna-engagement-MO_0001M&O_0147-3 Kelowna-engagement-MO_0009 Kelowna-engagement-MO_0015 Kelowna-engagement-MO_0014