Month: May 2014

Maria & Ognjen – Kelowna Engagement

The weather forecast had been giving us trouble all day leading up to Maria and Ognjen’s shoot but we decided to go for it. We had to jump in the car for about 20 minutes during a rain shower but were later rewarded with some gorgeous light and sunset action as the sun set. I had so much fun with this upbeat pair and I’m looking forward to capturing their big day this summer!

Kelowna-engagement-MO_0002 Kelowna-engagement-MO_0003 Kelowna-engagement-MO_0004 Kelowna-engagement-MO_0005 Kelowna-engagement-MO_0006 Kelowna-engagement-MO_0007 Kelowna-engagement-MO_0008Kelowna-engagement-MO_0001M&O_0147-3 Kelowna-engagement-MO_0009 Kelowna-engagement-MO_0015 Kelowna-engagement-MO_0014

Lauren & Jevan – Kelowna Engagement

Lauren and Jevan stole my heart the moment they started laughing at all my cheesy dad jokes and puns. They had me cracking up so much throughout the session too. If they weren’t already cool enough, they took my dinner recommendation to go to Momo sushi after and even ordered the Jessica Roll (long story). Yippee! Can’t wait to photograph their big day this summer!
Kelowna-engagement-photos_0001 Kelowna-engagement-photos_0002 Kelowna-engagement-photos_0003 Kelowna-engagement-photos_0004 Kelowna-engagement-photos_0005 Kelowna-engagement-photos_0006 Kelowna-engagement-photos_0007 Kelowna-engagement-photos_0008 Kelowna-engagement-photos_0009 Kelowna-engagement-photos_0010 Kelowna-engagement-photos_0011 Kelowna-engagement-photos_0012 Kelowna-engagement-photos_0013 Kelowna-engagement-photos_0014

Mad-Men Themed Engagement Session

When Rebecca and Drew contacted me about doing a Mad- Men themed Engagement session for them, I was thrilled! They even had an apartment that was already decorated in a way that went perfectly with the theme. I had a lot of fun capturing these two and wish them all the best for their upcoming wedding in Ontario!  Thanks for choosing me for your awesome session, guys. ; )


Mad-men-engagement_0001 Mad-men-engagement_0002 Mad-men-engagement_0003 Mad-men-engagement_0004 Mad-men-engagement_0005 Mad-men-engagement_0006 Mad-men-engagement_0007 Mad-men-engagement_0008 Mad-men-engagement_0009 Mad-men-engagement_0010 Mad-men-engagement_0011 Mad-men-engagement_0012 Mad-men-engagement_0013 Mad-men-engagement_0014 Mad-men-engagement_0015 Mad-men-engagement_0016 Mad-men-engagement_0017 Mad-men-engagement_0018