Month: October 2013

Brittanie & Maxwell – Kelowna Wedding

From the start of their day Brittanie and Maxwell and their wedding party had me laughing non-stop. Such a fun group – I could really feel the love. : ) They had their ceremony at a stunning private residence on the lake and continued to the Harvest Golf Club for their reception. It started raining towards the end of ceremony for a couple of hours but no one let it faze them. : ) The rain cleared up halfway through portraits and stayed clear the rest of the day. Thank goodness because they had surprise fireworks planned for their guests and the rain would have hindered that. The fireworks were such a cool addition to the day!!! I felt spoiled getting to photograph their wedding and watch a private fireworks show. : D Great day!

Thanks so much to the always superb Carley Bortolin for her second shooting/assisting skills!

If you feel like seeing more of this awesome couple, check out Brittanie and Maxwell’s engagement shoot, here!


Kelowna_wedding_0002Kelowna_wedding_0001This guy had some pretty great dance moves.Kelowna_wedding_0003 Kelowna_wedding_0004 Kelowna_wedding_0005 Kelowna_wedding_0006 Kelowna_wedding_0007 Kelowna_wedding_0008 Kelowna_wedding_0009 Kelowna_wedding_0010 Kelowna_wedding_0011 Kelowna_wedding_0012 Kelowna_wedding_0013 Kelowna_wedding_0014 Kelowna_wedding_0015 kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0001 kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0003 kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0004kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0002 kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0005 kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0006 kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0007 kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0008 kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0009 kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0010 kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0011 kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0012 kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0013 Harvest_wedding_kelowna_0001 Harvest_wedding_kelowna_0002 Harvest_wedding_kelowna_0003 Harvest_wedding_kelowna_0004 Harvest_wedding_kelowna_0005 Harvest_wedding_kelowna_0006 Harvest_wedding_kelowna_0007 Harvest_wedding_kelowna_0008 Harvest_wedding_kelowna_0009 Harvest_wedding_kelowna_0010 Harvest_wedding_kelowna_0011 Harvest_wedding_kelowna_0012 Harvest_wedding_kelowna_0013 Harvest_wedding_kelowna_0014 Harvest_wedding_kelowna_0015Harvest_wedding_kelowna_0017Harvest_wedding_kelowna_0018 Harvest_wedding_kelowna_0016 Harvest_wedding_kelowna_0019 kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0014 kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0015 kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0017 kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0018 kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0019There were some pretty fun kisses going on at this wedding. : Dkelowna-lakefront-wedding_0020 kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0021 kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0022 kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0023 kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0024 kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0025 kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0026 kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0027 kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0028kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0035 kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0031 kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0032 kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0033 kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0034Brittanie and Maxwell surprised their guests with fireworks – how awesome is that!?kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0029 kelowna-lakefront-wedding_0030


Thank you again for everything guys! What an amazing day – you guys rock! B&M_0883

Ceremony Venue: Private Residence, Kelowna, BC
Reception Venue: Harvest Golf Club, Kelowna, BC
Wedding Planning/Decor: Stage Right, Etc
Florals: Stage Right, Etc
Catering: Harvest Golf Club, Kelowna, BC
Cake: Rosemary Thompson (Family friend)
DJ: Dwayne Mollin
Videography: Limelight Studios
Marriage Officiant: Pastor Darin Latham
Limo Rental: Okanagan Limousine Inc.
Fireworks Display: Never A Dull Moment Productions
Dress designer: Monique L’huillier, Bisou Bridal
Bridesmaids dresses: Dessy
Hair: Fire-Ice Image Studio
Make-up: Jenny McKinney
Bride’s jewelry: Custom made
Rings: Brides – Tacori; Groom’s – Custom made
Bride’s shoes: Ramon Tenza

An & Jakub – Evolve Cellars wedding, Summerland, BC

An and Jakub are such a fun pair. Jakub makes me laugh non-stop and An’s absolutely lights up a room with her smile and fun spirit. They’re both very sweet and it’s easy to see why they are perfect for each other. I loved seeing how their two families have embraced each other so much too. Everyone seemed so close the whole day was such a lively celebration. I was also so excited to be photographing another wedding at Evolve Cellars winery (formerly known as Bonitas Winery at the time of this wedding) in Summerland, BC. It’s a truly stunning property and I’m so happy it has opened its doors to weddings.

I feel lucky to have been part of such a fantastic day. : )

Click here to check out An and Jakub’s engagement shoot!

summerland_wedding_0001 summerland_wedding_0002 summerland_wedding_0003 summerland_wedding_0004 summerland_wedding_0005 summerland_wedding_0006 summerland_wedding_0007 summerland_wedding_0008 summerland_wedding_0009 summerland_wedding_0010 summerland_wedding_0011 summerland_wedding_0012 summerland_wedding_0013 summerland_wedding_0014 summerland_wedding_0015 summerland_wedding_0016 summerland_wedding_0017 summerland_wedding_0018 summerland_wedding_0019 summerland_wedding_0020 summerland_wedding_0021 Bonitas_winery_0001 Bonitas_winery_0002 Bonitas_winery_0003 Bonitas_winery_0004 Bonitas_winery_0005 Bonitas_winery_0006 Bonitas_winery_0007 Bonitas_winery_0008 Bonitas_winery_0009 Bonitas_winery_0010 Bonitas_winery_0011 Bonitas_winery_0012 Bonitas_winery_0013 Bonitas_winery_0014 Bonitas_winery_0015 Bonitas_winery_0016 Bonitas_winery_0017 Bonitas_winery_0018 Bonitas_winery_0019 Bonitas_winery_0020 Bonitas_winery_0021 Bonitas_winery_0022 Bonitas_winery_0023 Bonitas_winery_0024 Bonitas_winery_0025 Bonitas_winery_0026 Bonitas_winery_0027 Bonitas_winery_0028 Bonitas_winery_0029Bonitas_winery_0030 Bonitas_winery_0031 Bonitas_winery_0032 Bonitas_winery_0033 Bonitas_winery_0034 Bonitas_winery_0035 Bonitas_winery_0036 Bonitas_winery_0037 Bonitas_winery_0038 Bonitas_winery_0039 Bonitas_winery_0040An and Jakub’s dad were so fun and hilarious. This was them arguing which of their two wives had made the best dessert. : DBonitas_winery_0041 Bonitas_winery_0042 Bonitas_winery_0043 Bonitas_winery_0044 Bonitas_winery_0045 Bonitas_winery_0046 Bonitas_winery_0047 Bonitas_winery_0049 Bonitas_winery_0050 Bonitas_winery_0051

Thank you so much for everything you two!! I had so much fun working with you two! A&J_0640

Getting Ready: Glenoka B&B, Summerland, BC
Ceremony and Reception Venue: Evolve Cellars, Summerland, BC (formerly known as Bonitas winery)
Wedding planning/decor: An and Jakub : )
Day of co-ordination: Bethany at Peace of Mind Weddings
Florals: Edgy Petals
Catering: Colin at Bonitas Bistro
Cupcakes: Cupcake Lady
Other desserts: Homemade by An + Jakub’s mom, Polish donuts from Polonia bakery in Surrey
Marriage officiant: Terri Chambers
Dress: San Patrick “Eresma” from Bridal Gallery in New Westminster
Bridesmaids dresses: Express
Hair: Theresa at Pamper Me Pretty
Make-up: Olga Sochacka (Jakub’s sister)