Month: August 2013

Lanette & Brody – Grindrod/Enderby Wedding

Lanette and Brody had the most beautiful backyard setting for their ceremony in Grindrod, BC. I wish it was an actual venue as I don’t think I’d ever get tired of photographing ceremonies there! Their reception was super closeby in Enderby. I’ve always loved the charm of the Grindrod and Enderby area, not to mention I want to take photos at pretty much every barn in existence there. Lanette and Brody are such a fun pair and their wedding totally matched that quality. Stage Right Etc decked out the ceremony and reception with beautiful and playful details perfect for a country wedding. I especially loved the hay-bale seats for the ceremony. The day couldn’t have gone better and my second shooter, Carley Bortolin, and I had a blast capturing it all! The only thing missing was Lanette’s third bridesmaid, Jessica, who went into labour during the rehearsal dinner the night before and gave birth  to a baby boy at 2:00am on the day of the wedding! Wow – crazy timing! She sent Lanette a super cute text that said, “We both get to keep a man in our life forever starting today!” Awww. : )

Click here to check out Lanette and Brody’s engagement photos!


L&B_0033 Enderby_wedding_BC_0002L&B_0038 Enderby_wedding_BC_0004Enderby_wedding_BC_0005Enderby_wedding_BC_0006First look! Yippee!Enderby_wedding_BC_0007 Enderby_wedding_BC_0008 Enderby_wedding_BC_0009 Enderby_wedding_BC_0010 Enderby_wedding_BC_0011 Enderby_wedding_BC_0012 Enderby_wedding_BC_0014Enderby_wedding_BC_0013 Enderby_wedding_BC_0015 Enderby_wedding_BC_0016 Enderby_wedding_BC_0017 Enderby_wedding_BC_0018 Enderby_wedding_BC_0019 Enderby_wedding_BC_0020 Enderby_wedding_BC_0021 Enderby_wedding_BC_0022 Enderby_wedding_BC_0023 Enderby_wedding_BC_0024 Enderby_wedding_BC_0025 Enderby_wedding_BC_0026 Enderby_wedding_BC_0027 Enderby_wedding_BC_0028 Enderby_wedding_BC_0029 Enderby_wedding_BC_0031Enderby_wedding_BC_0030Enderby_wedding_BC_0033 Enderby_wedding_BC_0032It started raining just as we were finishing portraits (and stopped before ceremony) – thanks for waiting rain!Enderby_wedding_BC_0034 Enderby_wedding_BC_0035 Enderby_wedding_BC_0036 Enderby_wedding_BC_0037 Enderby_wedding_BC_0038 Enderby_wedding_BC_0039 Enderby_wedding_BC_0040 Enderby_wedding_BC_0041 Enderby_wedding_BC_0042 Enderby_wedding_BC_0043 Enderby_wedding_BC_0044 Enderby_wedding_BC_0045 Enderby_wedding_BC_0046 Enderby_wedding_BC_0047 Enderby_wedding_BC_0048 Enderby_wedding_BC_0049Loved the fun transportation to the reception for guests and the wedding party!Enderby_wedding_BC_0050Enderby_wedding_BC_0051 Enderby_wedding_BC_0052Enderby_wedding_BC_0053 Enderby_wedding_BC_0054 Enderby_wedding_BC_0055 Enderby_wedding_BC_0056 Enderby_wedding_BC_0057 Enderby_wedding_BC_0058 Enderby_wedding_BC_0060 Enderby_wedding_BC_0061 Enderby_wedding_BC_0062 Enderby_wedding_BC_0063 Enderby_wedding_BC_0064Enderby_wedding_BC_0059The reception was upbeat and fun from the start. A game of flip-cup determined which tables ate dinner first. : DEnderby_wedding_BC_0066 Enderby_wedding_BC_0067 Enderby_wedding_BC_0068 Enderby_wedding_BC_0069 Enderby_wedding_BC_0070Brody is uncannily good at catching popcorn in his mouth.Enderby_wedding_BC_0071 Enderby_wedding_BC_0072 Enderby_wedding_BC_0073 Enderby_wedding_BC_0074 Enderby_wedding_BC_0075 Enderby_wedding_BC_0076Enderby_wedding_BC_0090 Enderby_wedding_BC_0077 Enderby_wedding_BC_0078 Enderby_wedding_BC_0079 Enderby_wedding_BC_0080 Enderby_wedding_BC_0081

 My cowboy boots fit right in with Lanette’s! Huge congrats you too!! I wish you both so much happiness and laughter!L&B_0599





Ceremony Venue: Halvorson property, Grindrod, B.C.
Reception Venue: Lion’s Club Gazebo, Enderby, BC
Wedding Planning/Decor: Stage Right Etc
Florals: Stage Right Etc
Stationary: Pure Graphics
Catering: Gumtree Catering
DJ: Nightmoves Entertainment
Videography: Virtu Wedding FilmsClick here to see the teaser video of Lanette and Brody’s day!
Marriage Officiant: Jean O’Brien
Dress designer and store you bought it at: Jai Bridal
Bridesmaids dresses:
Groom’s suit: Hugo Boss
Hair: Sandra Russell, Uma Spirit
Make-up: Jessie Voss
Vintage Cars: Family friends (lucky!)
School Bus Rental: A1 Bus

Carmin & Cameron – Evolve Cellars wedding, Summerland, BC

Carmin and Cameron’s was the first wedding I had the opportunity to photograph at Evolve Cellars winery (formerly known as Bonitas Winery at the time of this wedding) in Summerland, BC and I was totally blown away by what a gorgeous wedding venue it is! Wow! I was so inspired and took way too many photos. haha. Carmin and Cameron are such a fun couple and you can tell they put so much of themselves into planning their day. There were so many handmade details and personal touches, from the wine box made by Cameron’s dad, to Carmin’s garter, veil and earrings made by Cameron’s stepmom. Carmin worked so hard planning the big day and it completely paid off. She was also smart to stop at planning and leave the set-up and day-of coordination to the very talented Rachel and her team at Radiant Events. I was so impressed with the efficiency and dedication these guys displayed, while still being an upbeat and fun presence on the day.

I thought it was so cool, too, that Carmin and Cameron took a helicopter from their second photo location back to Evolve Cellars! In a surprise change of events, I got to go up with them and it was such a fun ride! When we arrived back at Evolve Cellars all their guests were waving enthusiastically from the reception area and their wedding party met us at the landing spot.

The outdoor reception was so lovely and it was beautiful having the sky slowly changing colour in the background of their photos as the night progressed.

Click here to check out Carmin and Cam’s engagement photos!


 The ring in Carmin’s bouquet is her Dad’s wedding ring. It was such a sweet way to have him close to her on her wedding day as he is no longer with us.Summerland_wedding_0004 Summerland_wedding_0005 Summerland_wedding_0006 Summerland_wedding_0007 Summerland_wedding_0008 Summerland_wedding_0009 Summerland_wedding_0010 Summerland_wedding_0011 Summerland_wedding_0012 Summerland_wedding_0013First Look! Always love this moment when the couple sees each other for the first time.Bonitas_winery_wedding_0001 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0002 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0003 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0004 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0005 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0006 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0007 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0008I told you this venue is gorgeous!Bonitas_winery_wedding_0009 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0010 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0011 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0012 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0013 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0014 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0015 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0016 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0017 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0018 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0019 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0020The wind was having a heyday with Carmin’s veil and they were quick on their feet, laughing it off and switching sides so it would blow in the right direction (until it finally blew right off. haha).Bonitas_winery_wedding_0021 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0022 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0023 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0024 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0025 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0026 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0027 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0028 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0029 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0030 Summerland_wedding_0014 Summerland_wedding_0015 Summerland_wedding_0016 Summerland_wedding_0017 Summerland_wedding_0018 Summerland_wedding_0019 Summerland_wedding_0021 Summerland_wedding_0024 Summerland_wedding_0020This was such a treat! When I woke up that day I had no idea I would get to go on the helicopter ride with the couple. Talk about perk of the job! So fun!Helicopter-wedding-okanagan_0001 Helicopter-wedding-okanagan_0002 Helicopter-wedding-okanagan_0003 Summerland_Aerial_0001 Summerland_Aerial_0002 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0032Bonitas_winery_wedding_0031 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0033 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0034 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0035 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0036 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0037 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0038 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0039 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0040 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0041 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0042 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0043 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0044 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0045 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0046 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0047 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0048 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0049 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0050 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0051 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0052 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0053 Bonitas_winery_wedding_0054

 Thank you so much for everything you two!! It was a total blast working with you!C&C_0681-2


Getting ready Photos: Summerland Waterfront Resort, Summerland, BC
Ceremony and Reception Venue: Evolve Cellars winery (formerly known as Bonitas Winery at the time of this wedding) in Summerland, BC.
Wedding Planning: Planned by the bride, Carmin with set up and day-of coordination done by Radiant Events
Decor Rentals: All Occasions Party Rentals and Westminster Party Rentals
Florals: Edgy Petals, Summerland, BC
Catering: Bonitas Bistro (chef Colin Rayner)
Cake: Kakes by Kathie, Kelowna, BC
Band: Young Executives
Marriage Officiant: Terri Chambers
Hair: Natasha Borthistle
Make-up: Sublime Makeup Artistry (Suzanne Attew)
Dress designer and store you bought it at: Tara Keely (bought at Bisou Bridal,Vancouver, BC)
Bridesmaids dresses: Bought at boutique called Lip Lounge, Vancouver, BC
Bride’s shoes: Badgley Mischka
Bride’s bracelet: Paris Tiaras bought at Bisou Bridal,Vancouver, BC
Wine box: made by Cameron’s Dad Keith Mackenzie
Groom and Groomsmen tuxes: the Tux Store
Helicopter: Valhalla Helicopters
Tree rentals: Art Knapp






Fredy & Laurie – Day-After Session

Fredy and Laurie wanted to fully enjoy their wedding day with all their guests so they decided to do a day-after session for their wedding portraits. This freed us up to shoot during beautiful magic hour. Laurie and Fredy had enjoyed a brunch with their guests at Summerhill Pyramid Winery earlier that day and they were nice enough to let us continue on and take some photos there.

Click here to see their wedding day photos!

Summerhill-winery-wedding-photos_0006 Summerhill-winery-wedding-photos_0002 Summerhill-winery-wedding-photos_0005 Summerhill-winery-wedding-photos_0012Summerhill-winery-wedding-photos_0003 Summerhill-winery-wedding-photos_0015Summerhill-winery-wedding-photos_0009-2 Summerhill-winery-wedding-photos_0016Summerhill-winery-wedding-photos_0004 Summerhill-winery-wedding-photos_0018Summerhill-winery-wedding-photos_0022Summerhill-winery-wedding-photos_0021 Summerhill-winery-wedding-photos_0019 Summerhill-winery-wedding-photos_0024

Makeup: Melissa Craven