Month: May 2012

Kelly, Mike, Jack & Kate – Kelowna Lifestyle Photographer

I love this family!! I do a lifestyle shoot with them every year and always look forward to it!! Kelly and Mike are some of the most caring, awesome parents I’ve ever met and it’s totally reflected in their kids, Jack and Kate. Those kids just glow with vivacious spirit. You can tell they really know they are loved. : )

Click here to check out their session with me last year!

Anatomy of a family portrait. I LOVE all the shots that lead to the one of everyone looking at the camera with natural smiles. So fun.


Brodie & Aaron – Kelowna Engagement Photography

Brodie and Aaron were so natural and at ease during their session! It was so effortless and enjoyable capturing the love between these two. Such a fun shoot with such a positive, upbeat duo.

Here is their cute “first meet” story, in Brodie’s words:

“The timing was definitely interesting when we met! Aaron had a year left in Alberta on his carpentry apprenticeship and I was due to go back to Australia a couple of months later as my work visa was expiring. I’d been in Canada for 2 years and figured it was time to go home to go start university and get my life together… I met him at the bar in Lake Louise and liked him immediately. He asked me to play on his softball team and taught me how to bat. I am a complete and utter klutz and managed to break my finger and nose that season as well as numerous other injuries so his first aid skills definitely came in handy! We made it to the grand final though which was pretty awesome. He won ‘Most Valuable Player’ and I won ‘Most Improved’. (In retrospect I wonder if that should be titled ‘Not nearly as crappy as you used to be!’).”

I’m really looking forward to photographing their wedding in Revelstoke this September!

Brodie’s makeup by Melissa Craven.

Lyndsay, Adam & Bella – Kelowna

When Lyndsay London contacted me saying she and her husband Adam were coming to Kelowna with their new pet, a golden retriever puppy, and wanted to do a photo session, I jumped on board! A shoot with a photographer I love AND a golden retriever puppy? Heck yes!

Lyndsay and Adam are such a fun couple and a total blast to shoot. Bella was the most adorable puppy ever and Lyndsay and Adam were very accommodating with my need to cuddle her every 5 minutes. ; ) Golden retriever puppies are one of my biggest soft spots on the planet.

Thanks for the great session guys and congrats on your insanely cute new addition to your family!


I wanted to take a few single shots of Lyndsay to give her the full treatment since she is usually the one behind the camera!Outtake. It cracked me up when, after taking a few photos of Lyndsay, I told Adam to “jump in,” and he jokingly leaped in, exclaiming, “Literally!?”