Month: April 2012

Claire & Chris – Kelowna Engagement Session

What an absolutely awesome couple! Claire and Chris are so friendly and down-to-earth. There is a harmony and love between these two that is so sweet. For their session, we went on a hike (a common interest between all three of us) in the beautiful Okanagan and I photographed them along the way. They were blown away by the amazing views. We lucked out SO much with the weather, too! We had great, calm weather for our shoot and then, as we were saying goodbye in the parking lot the wind picked up, and it started raining! Lucky!

I had such a fantastic time capturing these two and I am thoroughly looking forward to photographing their wedding in June!

Christine & Mike – Kelowna Engagement Session

Christine and Mike are completely fantastic. They are both super funny and fun! I loved seeing how they could play around with each other but then also have really serene, romantic moments that were so sweet to capture.

Christine and Mike rented a whole picnic setup, along with an awesome tandem green bike from Vintage Origami which was such a fun addition for photos!! I loved the mix of bright primary colours combined with vintage pieces and apples galore. I wanted to bite into the whole setup … like I did to one of the apples post shoot. ; ) Christine also hired Melissa Craven to do her makeup (Melissa you rock!) and Christine, being a hairdresser, beautifully styled her own hair.

Speaking of bicycles, Christine and Mike have a funny bike story from a trip to Brazil they took together where Mike wanted to go on an 8km bike ride. Christine grew up in an active family but had never learned to ride a bike. However, she wanted to impress Mike and just assumed ‘it was like riding a bike’ as the saying goes. “I now understand what that saying actually means,” Christine laughed. “After about a km down this hill in 30 degree heat, Mike stops me and asks when the last time I rode a bike was. I looked down and said never. He kind of panicked because the road was so dangerous and made us walk our bikes all the way back to the hotel. It’s funny the crazy stupid things we do for love.”

Christine and Mike are so smitten and I’m super excited to photograph their wedding in 2013! Yippeee!


Vintage decor rentals (picnic, tandem bicycle, etc): Vintage Origami

Makeup: Melissa Craven

Jasmine – Kelowna Pet Photography

It means so much to me when I can do meaningful shoots like this one.

Lisa contacted me explaining that their beautiful 8-year-old golden retriever, Jasmine, was losing her 1.5 year battle with cancer. Lisa and her fiance Jason had done everything they could to help Jasmine fight the cancer, getting her all the chemo treatments and medicine she needed. Unfortunately the cancer was too persistent and their family really wanted to get a family shoot done with Jasmine before she passed away. Dogs, and golden retrievers especially, have a major soft spot in my heart (I’ve already been fortunate to have 2 in my life). I, of course, agreed to do this session with them and from the get go I could see that Jasmine was a very loved dog. Despite being in pain, she was still wagging her tail and smiling lots – just happy to be with her family. I was really touched capturing these memories. I definitely admit to shedding some tears while editing the session. I’m so happy I got to meet Jasmine and her lovely family. Hugs.