Month: May 2011

Carolyn & Tony – Benvoulin Church Wedding, Kelowna.

Ever since I did Carolyn and Tony’s engagement session a couple months ago, I’ve been super excited for their wedding at Benvoulin Church in Kelowna (such a beautiful little church!). They’re such a fun, lively couple to be around! It’s pretty cute to watch how utterly in love they are as well. They are completely themselves in front of the camera and it was so enjoyable capturing their wedding! We went to a beautiful blossoming orchard for their photos and took some photos at some beautiful barns as well that I absolutely adore. It was a bit of a cloudy day but we were lucky that we only got rained on for 10 minutes. Carolyn and Tony were great sports about it- while it was raining on Carolyn she was walking through the orchard and said “I’m having such a fun time!” Talk about a great attitude. : ) After the rain stopped, we seemed to have the perfect mix of cloud and sunshine needed for every spot we went to. Love it when that happens! Carolyn and Tony are currently in Paris on their honeymoon- lucky ducks!


I love this sweet moment my second shooter Carley got of Carolyn and her father right before they walked down the aisle. So great!!

Carolyn and Tony had a cute cake cutting at Benvoulin Church after their ceremony and this adorable little girl was jumping up and down excited for cake. Thanks for the cool photo little girl! ; D


Venue: Benvoulin Heritage Church

Hair and Makeup: Melissa Craven


Kelowna Lifestyle Session

I was so thrilled when Mike asked me to do a lifestyle session for him and his family. Mike got the session as a present to his wife for her birthday and for the whole family really as 3 of their birthdays are in May! There is something about capturing a family at their home and in their neighbourhood being themselves that I find really exciting to photograph. I feel like I am truly capturing them and real moments in their lives as they happen. The simplest thing (like playing road hockey together) becomes a special thing to photograph because it’s also a real memory for the family and that really resonates with me. I would really love to do start doing more lifestyle photography!

I’ve known this family for a few years and I consider them good friends. They have a tight knit family who know what matters in life and are sincere and genuine in all that they do. They really warm my heart. : )

Jack pulling a pirate face on his pirate ship treehouse. Too cute.

How cute is Kate?!

Discovery! An old abandoned birds nest.

Pirate Kate challenging me to a sword fight.


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Caroline & James ~ Engagement

Caroline and James recently came up to Kelowna from Vancouver to do their engagement session and it reaffirmed for the millionth time how much I love doing engagement sessions. They really are one of my favourite things to photograph! They brought their adorable pet dog along who was just as natural as them in the photos and added another fun element. Speaking of fun elements- check out the awesome Couples Yoga poses these two pulled off!! It’s so great when a couple wants to incorporate a hobby of some sort into their shoot.

Caroline and James made my job easy with how laid back and fun they were. They are so in sync and totally themselves with each other. When I asked if they wanted to do a fun action shot, Caroline turned to James and was like, “Piggy back on your shoulders?” and James nodded and within a minute, James was walking around with Caroline walking on his shoulders. I’m pretty sure these guys must be secret gymnasts or something of the sort. ; )

Looking forward to photographing their wedding in July!


I love this shot!!! Caroline had the awesome idea of doing a few Couples Yoga poses and they got into this crazy position and then while they are stretching  to the max and holding themselves in this difficult pose, I was like, “Can you ALSO kiss while doing this insanely hard looking pose?” And they were able to do it!! Score. : D

Another sweet couples yoga pose!

Pretty great Blue Steel guys!

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