Month: May 2011

Michelle & Sean ~ Harvest Wedding, Kelowna

I love when couples do a “first look” and get portraits done of just the two of them before the ceremony. It adds such a romantic and intimate touch and gives them a chance to spend a little time together, just the two of them (and ok, me too, haha) on a day where the bride and groom often don’t get 2 seconds to themselves.

I met Michelle and Sean a few hours before their ceremony at their wedding venue, the Harvest Golf Club in Kelowna. Sean watched as Michelle walked towards him over a cute red bridge and they were absolutely beaming at each other. It was a very sweet moment and they took a few minutes to greet each other and appreciate the beginning of their big day.

The ceremony started shortly after their portraits and the day continued to unfold beautifully after that. The Harvest always looks gorgeous for receptions whether you dress it up or keep it simple which I love. Michelle and Sean used images from their engagement session as table numbers which I thought was really cool! There were so many great speeches that had people tearing up and then taking a 180 degree turn, having them laughing their heads off. There was so much love going to the happy couple and they reflected it back to all of their guests with their super appreciative thank you speech.

Michelle and Sean are two very sincere and positive people and I already know they’re going to live to be a happy old couple together. Enjoy the journey you two!

On the left; Michelle’s dad reenacting a past performance of “I’m a little teapot,” Michelle did as a kid and on the right is an awesome picture of Michelle post cherry eating. Too cute.


Carly & Landon ~ Kelowna Orchard Wedding

With all the beautiful orchards in Kelowna, I’m surprised this is the first wedding ceremony I’ve photographed in an orchard! I love love loved it- what a beautiful setting for a ceremony!!  I was in photo heaven and didn’t want it to end. : )

Carly and Landon were so spontaneous and fun to photograph. As was their wedding party! They surprised me many times with their inventiveness and humour and I had a lot of fun with them! I wish Carly and Landon much love and happiness on their new adventure together!


My angle with the wide angle lens. Carly and Landon had the guests start by standing on either side of the aisle to represent them all walking her down the aisle. Carly said it had to do with the idea of it “takes a village to raise a child.” How sweet!

My second shooter Carley’s great shot with the zoom lens.

I was capturing this moment from the front and luckily Carley was in the back to see this touching moment and capture it. This is so beautiful!


Random awesome fact: Landon’s first word was “tractor.”

I love this shot!

The guys spontaneously ran into the shot and had us cracking up.




Carolyn & Tony – Benvoulin Church Wedding, Kelowna.

Ever since I did Carolyn and Tony’s engagement session a couple months ago, I’ve been super excited for their wedding at Benvoulin Church in Kelowna (such a beautiful little church!). They’re such a fun, lively couple to be around! It’s pretty cute to watch how utterly in love they are as well. They are completely themselves in front of the camera and it was so enjoyable capturing their wedding! We went to a beautiful blossoming orchard for their photos and took some photos at some beautiful barns as well that I absolutely adore. It was a bit of a cloudy day but we were lucky that we only got rained on for 10 minutes. Carolyn and Tony were great sports about it- while it was raining on Carolyn she was walking through the orchard and said “I’m having such a fun time!” Talk about a great attitude. : ) After the rain stopped, we seemed to have the perfect mix of cloud and sunshine needed for every spot we went to. Love it when that happens! Carolyn and Tony are currently in Paris on their honeymoon- lucky ducks!


I love this sweet moment my second shooter Carley got of Carolyn and her father right before they walked down the aisle. So great!!

Carolyn and Tony had a cute cake cutting at Benvoulin Church after their ceremony and this adorable little girl was jumping up and down excited for cake. Thanks for the cool photo little girl! ; D


Venue: Benvoulin Heritage Church

Hair and Makeup: Melissa Craven