Month: February 2011

Playa Del Carmen ~ Rock the Frock Session

The day after Natasha and Dave’s wedding at Dreams Tulum Resort, we went to the nearby town of Playa Del Carmen to do their Trash the dress session. We took a few photos in the sea towards the end of the shoot but I wanted to focus on the photos we took out of the water for most of this post as it was really fun to do an urban setting for a change. I was really happy that Dave and Natasha were into going to Playa Del Carmen! It was really fun meandering down 5th Avenue and scouting out spots for photos as we went. It felt like a treasure hunt and the gold was cool walls and backdrops. : )

Check out Natasha and Dave’s wedding photos here as well!

We passed this cute place called Lunata Hotel and I saw all the bright colours and had to go in and take some photos!

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Mayan Riviera Wedding ~ Natasha & Dave

I really can’t say enough what a fantastic time I had on Natasha and Dave’s destination wedding! My good friend Danielle, who second shoots for me sometimes, came with me for the week. One of the unique things about a destination wedding is, even though most of the week I’m off doing my own thing, I end up spending a lot more time with the bride and groom than I would usually get to with a local wedding couple since we’re at the same resort for a week. Natasha and Dave were so incredibly nice and inclusive to me & Danielle – they are one of the sweetest, funnest couples I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Their wedding party and guests were absolutely awesome as well! I couldn’t have asked for a better group.

Their wedding was at Dreams Tulum Resort in Mayan Riviera, Mexico. Dreams Tulum Resort was so amazing! The food was incredible, there was FREE room service, the staff was super friendly and helpful and the resort was just so gorgeous! I loved the fun little blue church they had on the property as an alternative to getting married on the beach. Natasha and Dave had their reception on a Catamaya Catamaran which was sooo beautiful! Once I got the hang of balancing while looking through a camera, it was an exhilarating ride with the wind whipping past you as the boat calmly swayed up and down over the waves. Poor Danielle was feeling seasick the whole trip. I was more like a dog sticking it’s head out the back window- I loved every minute of it! The Catamaran crew got some of the guys, including Dave, to help raise the sails and pretty soon music was blasting and people were dancing and having a great time. After the Catamaran excursion, everyone headed back to Dreams Tulum Resort for cake cutting, speeches and some dancing on the beach.

Natasha and Dave, thank you again for including me on this adventure with you guys. You two are perfect for each other and I know you have a life full of love and laughter ahead of you!

Love the birdcage!

How cool is this little blue church? It was on the property of the Dreams Tulum Resort we stayed at.

Shot below by Danielle.

Danielle took this great shot below!

Had to post this picture because of the Block Rocker that Natasha is toting behind her. It’s a portable speaker with an iPod dock that they brought with them from Kelowna. Dave sacrificed a lot of clothing to bring it on the plane! It was well worth it though because it was basically a party on wheels. Every night Natasha and Dave and most of their guests would bring the Block Rocker somewhere on the resort and it would be an instant party. Danielle and I went out with them one night and it was so fun! We started on a huge balcony and then all danced down the walkways to Michael Jackson while Natasha pulled it in front, leading the way towards the beach bar. Pretty fantastic! The Block Rocker was definitely the trip’s mascot!

Natasha and Dave had their reception on a Catamaran!

The Catamaran Barmen. You’re welcome.

The Catamaran team stopped the boat halfway through the trip and led people on a snorkel tour nearby where they saw some sea life including huge sea turtles.

Love the head-cam/ snorkel getup on groomsman Adam on the right! haha.

I was pretty impressed Natasha could do this in a mermaid wedding dress!

They didn’t plan it, but Natasha and Dave’s first dance was totally to “I’m on a boat.” : D

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