Month: June 2010

Enderby Grad/Prom Session~ Candace

I had quite the adventure getting to Candace’s grad/prom shoot! GPS sent me an hour in the wrong direction! Two roads with the same name and both roads with a green gate at the end of the road that I was supposed to go through! So strange. Next time I am going to type in the postal code too, to be safe! haha. Melissa Craven was with me as well (she came to lend her awesome makeup skills to the shoot) and she was laughing her butt off at me while I stressed out about being late and possibly not having enough light by the time we got to where we were going. haha. Luckily we arrived with just enough light to spare and do our shoot with Candace! Her boyfriend Trevor jumped in for a few shots as well. Let me just say that he is one lucky guy! Candace is not only super pretty, but also incredibly sweet and fun. Hard to find that combo! She lit up the shoot and I had so much fun capturing her infectious energy.

We did the shoot all on and around her property and finished just as it was getting dark (thanks high ISO and low aperture!).

I’ve really enjoyed photographing these grad shoots I’ve done in the last month so much! I’ll definitely be doing more Grad/Prom photography in the future! Thanks again for the awesome shoot Candace and Trevor!



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Danya Stapleton (Fly Photography) Kelowna Session

I love photographing photographers! I think because they spend so much time behind the lens, they know what looks great in front of the lens! I was thrilled when Danya Stapleton of Fly Photography in Kelowna contacted me for a shoot. I love her work and knew right away it would be a fun shoot! Like most photographers, she is always behind the camera for family photos so this was her turn to be in front of the lens with her two daughters and get some photos of herself as well.
When she turned up with her two beautiful daughters I let out a little squeal at their outfits. This family has style! : D Bright colours and summer dresses – two favs for photos. : ) Danya had brought a big cluster of yellow balloons to use in the photos that promptly escaped into the sky before any shots could be taken (it was attached to this cone thing that broke off ) but we quickly forgot about it and got into the shoot! Danya is a natural in photos! She was able to let loose and have fun so that it gave me tons of opportunities to catch her personality.

She was also hosting a party for her mom’s birthday as well so, after getting some shots outside, we headed to Danya’s place (also home of the Fly Photography studio) to get some shots of her with her girls around their house (after another awesome outfit change I must add). I got to take some photos of the decor she did for her mom’s birthday too and it was so chic and beautiful! The theme was yellow which I am a bit obsessed with at the moment (as my friends will tell you) so I was in photo heaven taking detail shots of the beautiful set up. Lemons, yellow balloons, a carousel, limonata beverages and all sorts of other neat details! You could tell a lot of thought had gone into it and I’m sure her mom loved it! Thanks again! : )

Sidenote: It was a two hour shoot so hence why it was extra hard to narrow down photos. haha

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Rock the Frock~ a rainy day trash the dress

Danielle from Stage Right Etc and I decided it would be fun to get another shoot out of the awesome DIY dress that she put together. So we set off for a road trip from Kelowna, BC down south. It rained the whole day but didn’t let that stop us. On a whim I pulled Danielle into one of my favorite second hand book shops to get out of the rain and it turned out to be an awesome backdrop! And of course we had to work the rain and mud into our shoot so we found a very large area full of grey mud and Danielle started running around jumping in huge puddles, rolling in the mud, while I tried to take photos while not slipping or sinking too far down in the mud, all the while holding an umbrella with one hand and shooting with the othe. “Why did I not bring an assistant to this shoot,” went through my head many times. haha. We also found a great field of purple flowers to  take photos in as well as a gutted empty building that I’ve been wanting to shoot at for a couple years but never got around to driving down south to it. Overall- a really fun day trip scavenger hunt for good photos! Thanks for the fun day and countless laughs Danielle. ; D

This Trash the Dress shoot pairs up with the Vintage Wedding shoot that I did with Stage Right Etc which got featured on Style Me Pretty.

Big thanks to Amrit Jonhson from La Casa Hair Lounge (on Pandosy in Kelowna ) for the awesome cut and dye job with Danielle’s hair!

The rare and elusive “Dani Bird.”

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