Month: April 2010

Vintage Wedding Mockup ~ Stage Right Etc.

Man oh man was I excited to collaborate on this project with Stage Right Etc! If you haven’t heard of Stage Right, Etc, they are an amazing wedding planning/decor business that are based in the same town as me, Kelowna, BC Canada. Check out their portfolio on their site at: I love that they never settle for doing the same ole same ole (white table linens and overly matchy matchy- you know the drill) but instead strive to make each wedding a work of art for their clients. They’re so good at discovering their clients’ tastes, bringing that all to the table and then elaborating in a way that completely exceeds their clients expectations. I get so excited when I book a wedding where Stage Right Etc, is planning/decorating it as I know I will have a fantastic backdrop for photos!  Their florals are always so stunning too! We did an different floral route with this vintage wedding mock-up as you will see by the flower pin bouquet!  I don’t know where I saw a flower brooch bouquet recently but it instantly caught my attention and I started drooling. Not to mention that I have conveniently been collecting vintage flower pins since the seventh grade so I already had a stash of them just begging to be used!! I gave all my flower pins to Danielle from Stage Right, Etc and she worked her magic (and I mean magic!!) and made the stunning bouquet you see below. I was so blown away. When I picked it up from their shop for our shoot, I had it sitting in the passenger seat beside me and I almost rear-ended a guy because I couldn’t stop gawking at it! haha- Definitely something I will love forever. It’s on my mantel in fact! And I’ve only talked about the bouquet so far!

I swooned when I saw the table set up they did in the orchard. Wow, wow wow- I felt like I was walking into my dream reception. And that was the main point of doing this project- we wanted to be able to do a wedding mock-up of a style we love without having to please anyone else (although we definitely are people pleasers!) and let our imaginations roam. I absolutely love the retro/vintage inspired look and I was so happy that was the look Danielle and Ria from Stage Right, etc wanted to go for!  The suitcases…. the old books… the tins with different flowers…. the birdcages… the keys placed on each old china tea cup and plates….. the put so much detail and thought went into every inch. Danielle even found a really cool white dress and went to work adding crinoline, and other touches to make it a unique wedding dress. Loved the styling of the turquoise necklace and white belt with it. I’m so appreciative for all the hard work they put into it- it was an absolute dream to shoot! I had the freedom to shoot wherever I liked and had a great bride and groom to boot who were up for anything! Danielle was the bride as the dress fit her perfectly (not to mention she’s a babe but she’s too humble to admit that!) and thanks so much to Justin for being our groom for the day (Check out his awesome new lounge, Cush Restaurant & Lounge, Downtown Kelowna on Leon)! I’ll let you get to the pics… as you can see I found it really hard to narrow down the photos (sorry bout that! hehe). This has been one of my favourite shoots to date so it was really hard to narrow it down any more for me especially since it was a full day of shooting! We started at noon, had two hours to do the bride and groom shoot, then we set up the table/ orchard display, took pics, waited for sunset, took more photos, then waited for it to get dark and took a few more!  Anyways, enjoy and thanks for taking a gander! : )

Lot’s of gratitude to Lois Lane Warehouse too for lending us some of their awesome items (birdcages and typewriter) for the shoot. If you haven’t gone to their store already, go look around- so many awesome retro and refurbished items to be found here! It’s on the corner of Ethel and Clement. They have a store on as well!

Melissa Craven also did a fantastic job doing makeup again as always!

Danielle cracks me up with her goofy grins. : D

And now for the beautiful decore by Stage Right, Etc!

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Rock n Roll Bride Boudoir Feature

Decided to start throwing out a session or two to wedding blogs and am so stoked that Rock n Roll bride picked my submission up! “It’s a wedding blog, why boudoir?” you ask? Well boudoir photography and wedding photography often go hand in hand these days as it’s a fantastic wedding gift for the new hubby! : ) Check it out:

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