Month: March 2010

Kelowna Pin-Up Boudoir Photography ~ Courtney

I felt like I had stepped into a time machine when Courtney walked through the door. She looks like a stunning 1930’s starlet and has the grace and charm to match. I absolutely love pin-up photography so I had so much fun with this boudoir session. Courtney brought some beautiful items to wear including two vintage swimsuits. The black velvet suit actually belonged to her grandmother and it was her lifeguard uniform! Wow- quite the luxurious uniform! It gave the shoot a special touch reviving that beautiful piece that had personal meaning. It was like she was celebrating her grandmother’s beauty as well. : ) Thank you very much for letting me share these photos Courtney!

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Kelowna Boudoir Photography ~ Roz

I was lucky enough to get the chance to photograph my beautiful friend Roz while she was in town for the weekend. As you can see, she is pretty stunning, so I was pretty happy when she agreed to do a boudoir session with me and let me share the photos. She totally rocked it. Thanks again Roz! Stay tuned for more boudoir sessions soon to come!