Month: September 2009

Burrowing Owl Winery, BC

I went for a little road trip down to the Burrowing Owl Winery in Oliver, BC yesterday with my parents and sister. I love that we still have family road trip days. : D The winery was amazing. Your first glimpse of it as you turn a bend, steals your breath away. You just see acres of rolling vineyards, and huddled amongst them like a nest is the winery. You feel like you are instantly transported to Spain or Italy with it’s curvy architecture and rich desert colours of browns and oranges. There is so much detail put into every corner and everyone that works there seems SO happy, which is always great to see. My mom bought a little burrowing owl in the gift shop that strangely resembled my dad to a T and as the man rang it through the till, he and another employee instructed us that we had to go up and ring the bell and make a wish. Then they chuckled and told us the story of 2 kids who went up the week before and rang it non-stop for 5 minutes straight, making everyone in the winery go crazy. haha.

We sat down for dinner in our beautiful little corner spot on the balcony and ordered a bottle of sparkling pear juice. hehe, Yes I know we were at a winery but although I love wineries, I can’t handle wine! ( I think I’m allergic). The waiter took our orders and my dad did his usual corny but lovable and funny jokes with the waiter. Example: My sister ordered Pinos Gris wine and when she said it, he was like, “I think it’s actually pronounced ‘Pine- Ogre’ isn’t it?” The waiter joked back, ” It’s Peeno-Grease actually.” Maybe you have to know my dad to get a kick out of it. ; D We got an amazing cheese plate and crackers/breads plate to start and it was soooooo good. There was carrot, miso hummus with it as well as some other yummy spreads. I had a garden pesto pasta for my main meal and I can’t even explain how fresh and yummy it was. The fusilli noodles were made fresh on the premises and all their produce is local and fresh. Man it was good!

After a long relaxed lunch, we explored Burrowing Owl Winery and all it’s intricacies ( see how many burrowing owl painting, engravings and more you can spot if you go!) and then set off taking a roundabout route back to the main road, taking in (and stopping to photograph) all the beautiful scenery nearby. I hope I have time to splurge and stay there for a couple nights. I gotta go for a swim in that big gorgeous pool surrounded by grape vines! Hopefully, I’ll have the pleasure of photographing a wedding at Burrowing Owl Winery someday as well. There were some people at the gazebo while we were there, trying out hanging some shawls for their wedding the following day. Our waiter claimed that the gazebo is the most used spot in the Okanagan for proposals. I can see why. How can she say no, with a romantic view like that!?






BurrowingOwlWinery1The view from our table.










We took the Rock Creek route back to Kelowna and stopped along the way to let my parents 10-month old golden retriever Chamomile cool off in the river. It was only her second or third swim so I had to coax her in at first by throwing sticks but pretty soon she was really into it and couldn’t wait for the next stick to go after. haha. She is such an awesome dog. My parents and sister had fun scavenging for cool rocks while I took too many photos of Chamomile being goofy and shaking off water. : )

Overall, a fantastic day!

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